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EKODOME® is an aluminum geodesic dome kit that allows you to create multipurpose structures easily and sustainably! Our innovative aluminum frame design works in full integrity with embedded sealing components to make it easier for everyone to build geodesic domes.

You’ll have the flexibility to cover your dome with any solid material of various thicknesses between 4mm and 10mm. Do you prefer a membrane cover or a wired mesh? It’s still an option.


Strong enough to withstand up to Category 4 hurricanes, and more than 300lbs of snowload. Superior resistance to heat, water, ozone, UV, and weather conditions.


No need to hire a contractor or a builder. Ekodome kits are optimized for self-assembly, requiring only a handful of people working together in less than a day-time, with minimum set of tools.


Integrated TPE, SEBS and EPDM seals prevent any leakages from the connection points and secure the watertightness at points where cover panels are placed.


Flexibility to cover with any solid material of various thicknesses between 4mm and 10mm. Do you prefer a membrane cover or a wired mesh? It's still an option.


Aluminum is one of the lightest engineering materials. Adding the structural integrity of a geodesic dome framework on top of that makes the strength to weight ratio superior.


Aluminum is 100% recyclable and long-lasting. 75% of aluminum ever produced in history, nearly a billion tons, is still in use today. You can also disassemble your dome anytime for future uses.

Endless Design Possibilities

A greenhouse to grow your own produce or multipurpose use for your backyard goals. A cabin for your own nature retreat or pods to start your glamping business. A chicken coop for your homestead or a pop-up shop for your small business. Affordable housing units or disaster relief shelters. Choices are endless. You can build separate units and connect them with tunnels to create bigger structures.




    Frequency: 1V
    Height: 6.71 ft / 2.04 m
    Diameter: 9.14 ft / 2.78 m
    Base Diameter: 7.93 ft / 2.42 m
    Floor Area: 41.3 sqft / 3.84 sqm
    Cover Area: 145.3 sqft / 13.5 sqm

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    Frequency: 2V
    Height: 9.5 ft / 2.89 m
    Diameter: 16 ft / 4.89 m
    Floor Area: 189 sqft / 17.55 sqm
    Cover Area: 355 sqft / 33 sqm

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    Frequency: 3V
    Height: 13.55 ft / 4.13 m
    Diameter: 22 ft / 6.67 m
    Floor Area: 366 sqft / 34 sqm
    Cover Area: 872 sqft / 81 sqm

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    Frequency: 4V
    Height: 15.42 ft / 4.7 m
    Diameter: 30.12 ft / 9.18 m
    Floor Area: 696 sqft / 64.7 sqm
    Cover Area: 1324 sqft / 123 sqm

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    Frequency: 4V
    Height: 19.5 ft / 5.94 m
    Diameter: 30.12 ft / 9.18 m
    Base Diameter: 28.5 ft / 8.70 m
    Floor Area: 645 sqft / 60 sqm
    Cover Area: 690 sqft / 157 sqm

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Ekodome® Frame Design & the Math behind

Our unique design enables a precise triangular bed for the panels, a 90-degree screwing ability, and two 180-degree flatbeds for a strong connection with the hubs. With little to no prior experience with geodesic dome building, one can easily assemble to parts provided and create a perfect space for any purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Does it come with a cover?

Ekodome kits are optimized to be offered as frame only, to provide you more freedom in customizing your Ekodome. If you get a frame only kit, you are free to use any material to cover your frames, that you can cut according to the templates of the triangles we’ll provide. If you’d like to purchase cover panels too, then you can choose full kit (frame+cover) options we are offering in our store.

Can this be used to build a dome home?

You can build a dome home with an Ekodome kit, as long as you get the approval from the local Building Department. We’ll be providing the engineering blueprints with the structural analysis that gives seismic, wind load, and snow load information. However, they would also require submitting the foundation, flooring and roofing plans for your final project, which is not provided by us. 

How can we insulate an Ekodome?

There are many insulation materials in the market like fiberglass, spray foam, rigid board, hemp blanket, mineral wool, thermoshield paint, etc. You can either build an inner frame to accommodate these insulation materials or choose the cover material that enables you to add insulation on the same triangle. The right insulation material heavily relies on your zone, your building codes and budget.

Do you manufacture custom sizes?

At this time, we are unable to take custom orders due to our scheduled order loads, unless the order is big enough to assign separate team and resources. Also, if your inquiry involves a science, research and/or technology project that aligns with our vision and mission, we would appreciate hearing about it and further discussing your options. 

Our Mission Statement

We aim to contribute worldwide efforts in creating habitats of the future, based on sustainability principles. Either on Mother Earth, or on Mars, or on any other place where humans land and live.

We design for maximum user experience, we manufacture with respect to our planet, and we invest in people and continuous R&D.

To learn more about us and for your cooperation inquiries, please contact us.

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