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Lightweight, durable, and affordable ALUMINUM
DIY Geodesic Dome Kits.

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What is

EKODOME is a geodesic dome frame design that allows you to create multipurpose structures easily, affordably, and sustainably! 

Our innovative aluminum frame design works in full integrity with embedded sealing components to make it easier for everyone to build geodesic domes.

You’ll have the flexibility to cover your dome with any solid material of various thicknesses between 4mm and 10mm. Do you prefer a membrane cover or a wired mesh? It’s still an option.

Simply cut your triangular panels according to our templates and install them on your frames. Pre-cut panels will also be offered soon. 



$ 759
  • Frequency: 1V
    Diameter: 9.18ft
    Height: 6.66ft


$ 2499
  • Frequency: 2V
    Diameter: 15.7ft
    Height: 9.5ft


$ 5999
  • Frequency: 3V
    Diameter: 22.14ft
    Height: 13.15ft


$ 9599
  • Frequency: 4V 1/2
    Diameter: 30ft
    Height: 15ft


$ 10999
  • Frequency: 4V 5/8
    Diameter: 28.8ft
    Height: 19.16ft

Endless Design Possibilities

A greenhouse to grow your own produce or multipurpose use for your backyard goals. A cabin for your own nature retreat or pods to start your glamping business. A chicken coop for your homestead or a pop-up shop for your small business. Affordable housing units or disaster relief shelters. Choices are endless. You can build separate units and connect them with tunnels to create bigger structures.

build better spaces


We want everyone to afford a geodesic dome frame with a  higher weight-to-strength ratio, covered with solid panels of any material. That’s why we designed a do-it-yourself type of aluminum geodesic dome kit. It will be an all-hands-on DIY experience for a weekend but an ultimate geodesic dome experience for a lifetime. For us, for all!

Our kits include aluminum hub & hub caps with EPDM seal on, aluminum struts and caps both equipped with TPE SEBS seals, as well as stainless steel bolts and nuts. We will also provide you with the triangular panel templates and CAD drawings for your fully customized exterior design experience.

and sturdy.

Structural Analysis of Ekodome 3V
Tests for improved design coming soon.

Dead load on each hub: 80kg /176.3lbs*

* load capacity on each hub when covered with panels.

Snow load: 75kg(165.3lbs)/m2**

** up to 64 cm(25in)/m2 snow accumulation

Wind load: 45m/s = 162km/h (≈100mph)***

*** Category 2 Hurricane according to
Saffir-Simpson Wind Scale


Aluminum is one of the lightest engineering metals, having the strength to weight ratio superior to steel. Our frame strength comes from not only precision-cut durable aluminum profiles but also from the solid panels you can easily mount. We designed the struts to hold panel thicknesses between 4mm and 10mm.

Weatherproof Integrated Seal

A TPE SEBS seal with superior resistance to heat, water, ozone, UV, and weather conditions will be provided both on struts and the caps in the frame kit. Service temperature: -50 to +110°C 

Seeking for additional protection?
We’ve got you covered by leaving enough room on the struts, so that you can apply silicone or similar sealants if for any reason you want to double the waterproofness capacity.

Our Mission Statement

We aim to contribute worldwide efforts in creating habitats of the future, based on sustainability principles. Either on Mother Earth, or on Mars, or on any other place where humans land and live.

We design for maximum user experience, we manufacture with respect to our planet, and we invest in people and continuous R&D.

To learn more about us and for your cooperation inquiries, please contact us.

Doing more with less.

Bucky discovered that if a spherical structure was created from triangles, it would have unparalleled strength.

He’s a self-taught architect, systems theorist, author, designer, inventor and futurist.

We are truly grateful for Buckminster Fuller for his courage, vision and wisdom.

EKODOME is proud to be a partner member of

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