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EKODOME Geodesic Dome Frames

We have not invented the geodesic domes, and we are not the first company to offer geodesic dome frames. What we promise is an easier way to build your own domes by yourselves on the optimum cost vs. quality balance. Our affordable, durable, easy to install and lightweight geodesic dome frame system will allow everybody to build their own space using less labor and on a budget-friendly basis.

Geodesic dome

You can quickly build a dome cabin, greenhouse, garden shed, even a gazebo in your backyard, or create a playhouse for your kids and a new home for your pets.

With its patent pending innovation, EKODOME will provide you the T-profile aluminum struts bent at multiple angles, in a ready to build geodesic dome frame kit, so you can install your own triangular panels cut out of any material. As an option, we will also provide the extension profiles which will build you doors, windows, roof and floor connections, and all other accessories you will ask for. Last but not least, our kit will optionally provide you the connectors you’ll need to cover your geodesic dome frame with a flexible membrane. After quickly installing the frame, all you have to do is to cover your dome with any material you want as conformant to the triangular panel templates that comes with the EKODOME kit.

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Our difference

You can assemble all kinds of solid materials to our EKODOME frames depending on the need for use, and you can have waterproof geodesic domes in a short time. Any triangle cut out of Plywood, Osb, Glass, Polycarbonate, Composite, Plastic, Metal, or any high-tech sheets will fit perfectly. Moreover, our frame system does not require any alterations if you would prefer flexible membranes for covering your geodesic dome.

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Why geodesic domes?

  • First of all, everyone agrees that they are eye-catching structures. Since they appeared in the 20th century and did not exist in history, they still have stylish images that are considered futuristic.

  • They allow construction without foundation and can be installed quickly compared to traditional structures.

  • This building architecture offers the most extensive internal volume compared to the surface area. They can cross wide spans with less material and without columns.

  • They offer the most robust construction with the lightest materials. Due to the dome shape, the weight distribution on the structure is even and stable.

  • They can be disassembled or transported as a whole. Considering the weight/durability ratios, it is one of the lightest architectural structures.

  • Wind resistance is at the lowest level due to its aerodynamic shape.

  • Since the domes are 360-degree structures, they have a high capacity of using natural light and dissipating heat. Heat control is more comfortable than other architectural structures. It requires low energy.

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why Geodesic domes

Our inspiration

In 1926 German engineer Walther Bauersfeld (Jan­u­ary 23, 1879 – Oc­to­ber 28, 1959) built the first one as a planetarium. In the 1940s, the geodesic dome was developed and named by American engineer and architect  R. BUCKMINSTER FULLER (July 12, 1895 – July 1, 1983) to quickly form a sturdy lightweight construction be placed directly on the ground.

We are thankful to these two great men who pioneered geodesic dome architecture. 

Fuller’s innovative designs guided artists, scientists, and architects who are passionate about a more sustainable planet reinforced by design, innovation, and beauty. EKODOME is proud to be a partner member of the Buckminster Fuller Institute.

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