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DIY Geodesic Dome Frame Kits

Easy to install, lightweight, durable, and affordable.


DIY Geodesic Dome Kits

Create spaces for any purpose and cover it with any material. You can quickly build a dome cabin, greenhouse, garden shed, even a gazebo in your backyard, or create a playhouse for your kids and a new home for your pets. 

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ekodome geodome frames

What is EKODOME?

EKODOME is a geodesic dome frame design that allows you to build better and sustainable spaces. With our patent-pending aluminum dome struts, you will easily create multipurpose spaces and have the flexibility to cover the frame with any solid panel you can easily order from your favorite hardware store. Moreover, you can still cover your frame with any membrane.

Everything you need to build a geodesic dome frame comes with the kit:

  • Aluminum struts
  • Hubs
  • Bolts
  • Instructions manual and Panel templates
  • Add-ons: Door, Window, Cupola, Tunnel, Vents…

You can build a

Build a geodesic dome

Cover with any solid panel or membrane

No need to manipulate strut or panel angles anymore! Cut your triangular panels according to our templates and easily install on your frames. You are all set!


With its patent pending strut design, EKODOME will provide you the T-profile aluminum struts extruded at multiple angles that will allow you to install triangular panels cut out of any material. As an option, we are providing you with the add-ons such as door, window, cupola, passive vents, connection tunnels, anchor hubs, elevation kit and more. Our hub caps allows you to cover your dome frame with any flexible membrane. Needless to say, you’ll be provided with the panel templates as well.

DIY Dome Kit

What's different in our design?

The Problem

Covering the geodesic dome frames built with flat surface struts is a challenge for dome builders.

The drawback is the irregular angles of the interconnecting surfaces. Without manipulating the surface angles of the struts, placing solid panels precisely on them is not possible due to the geodesic dome’s mathematics. 

Our Solution

Extruding aluminum T profiles with dual angles.

The new design will enable a precise triangular bed for the panels, a 90-degree screwing ability, and two 180-degree flatbeds for a strong connection with the hubs. We want to create a great experience for all with this new frame design.

geodesic dome cabin


Structural Analysis of Ekodome 3V

Dead load on each hub: 80kg /176.3lbs

*load capacity on each hub when covered with panels.

Snow load: 75kg(165.3lbs)/m2

*up to 64 cm(25in)/m2 snow accumulation

Wind load: 45m/s = 162km/h (≈100mph)

* Category 2 Hurricane according to Saffir-Simpson Wind Scale


Aluminum is one of the lightest engineering metals, having the strength to weight ratio superior to steel. Our frame strength comes from not only precision-cut durable aluminum profiles but also from the solid panels you can easily mount. We designed the struts to hold panel thickness up to 0,78 inches with %50 tolerance.



From the very beginning, we aimed for a watertight structure when the panels were installed correctly, and we made our profile design accordingly. An EPDM seal (with biodegradable elements added if possible) with superior resistance to heat, water, ozone, UV, and weather conditions will be provided with the frame kit. We also made room on the profile for those who prefer to use silicone or similar sealants.


Diameter: 7.38ft
Height: 5.34ft
209 $ limited availability
  • Shipping in
    June 2021


Diameter: 15.7ft
Height: 7.87ft
899 $ limited availability
  • Shipping in
    June 2021


Diameter: 22.14ft
Height: 13.15ft
1849 $ limited availability
  • Shipping in
    June 2021

What comes with the kit?

1V Dome
  • 25 x Aluminum struts 
  • 11 x Hubs 
  • 25 x Rubber Seals
  • 110 x Bolts
  • 1 x Door Frame
  • Instructions manual
  • Cover Panel Templates
  • Add-ons if selected
  • Cad files & technical documents for building permits.
2V Dome
  • 65 x Aluminum struts 
  • 26 x Hubs 
  • 65 x Rubber Seals
  • 300 x Bolts 
  • 1 x Door Frame
  • Instructions manual
  • Cover Panel Templates
  • Add-ons if selected
  • Cad files & technical documents for building permits.
3V Dome
  • 165 x Aluminum struts
  • 61 x Hubs 
  • 165 x Rubber Seals
  • 720 x Bolts 
  • 1 x Door Frame
  • Instructions manual
  • Cover Panel Templates
  • Add-ons if selected
  • Cad files & technical documents for building permits.
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