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ABC’s of Airbnb: Monetizing Your Geodesic Dome

  • 6 min read

As the world becomes more digital, more people are finding the opportunity to travel and have unique experiences than ever before. With the rise in popularity of Airbnb, a booming short-term rental site, property owners have more opportunities than ever to make money off of extra apartments or rental spaces.

Geodesic dome owners offer a unique value proposition in the realm of short-term rentals because these domes are extremely photo-worthy. Although it may seem silly to deduce that being “Instagrammable” has value, it’s true! Just take a look at the popular social media site to see swaths of young adventurers living their best lives in interesting, unique, short-term rental properties. Deciding to rent out your geodesic dome is only the first step; there are many ways to ensure your small business venture is as successful as possible and we’ll break them all down for you.

Get All the Paperwork in Order

While this step isn’t known for being very exciting, it’s critical that Airbnb owners look into local ordinances and regulations that come with hosting short-term renters. There may be certain licenses required in your state or county, or you may face certain restrictions such as the number of properties you can rent out in one location.

For instance, the city of Atlanta just passed a new ordinance limiting the number of short-term rentals one person can have to two, requiring that one of those is the host’s primary residence. Taking the time to get all logistics in order before hosting will save you from a headache and benefit your bank account as well! Hosts who fail to follow local regulations could face fines or be forced to stop hosting altogether – you’ve been warned!

Post Your Standout Listing

The process of listing a property on Airbnb is quite simple and should not take too much time, but there are a few ways to make your listing stand out. As a new host, you should be doing all you can to ensure your listing looks more enticing than others in the same area because this will ensure that customers choose your geodesic dome for their getaway. Here are our tips to put your best foot forward in this aspect:

1) Find a Unique Location

This is a bit niche because many Airbnb hosts are working with what they’ve got. If they have an extra apartment in Kansas City or a small cabin in the mountains, they can list it. However, with a geodesic dome, you can be a bit more selective with your location.

Perhaps you have a big property with a whimsical creek running through it; if you haven’t assembled your dome yet, you can assemble it there for a hidden getaway spot for potential renters. Even if you have assembled your dome, moving it is easier than any other type of structure! Geodesic domes are great for stargazing, so perhaps ensuring it is in a low-light city with a clear view of the skies is your best bet for drawing in clients.

2) Don’t Skimp on Photos

This might be a bit controversial, but hiring a real estate photographer to come take photos of your dome in the right lighting can be a great investment. This usually requires a couple hours of work and will provide you with the best advertising material to really “sell” your rental. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words!

3) Offer a Unique Value Proposition

We know, a geodesic dome is pretty unique by itself, but you can capitalize on this to create a wonderful experience for your guests (and make more money, too!). For example, if you have a fire pit next to your dome, you could offer a “smores under the stars” kit for an extra fee. Providing your guests with everything they need to make smores, a few extra blankets to stay warm, and a polaroid camera to capture the memories will be sure to leave an impact and bring in a glowing review.

4) Decorate & Personalize

Decorating and furnishing Airbnbs can be tricky because you have to assume that stuff is going to get broken, stained, and used faster than it would in your own home. Because of this, finding the balance between quality pieces that will last and not spending a fortune on décor that’s going to get ruined can be tough. We recommend getting sturdy furniture and saving money on small décor items like wall hangings or rugs by buying those things at a more discounted price.

5) Be Responsive & Attentive

This one might be obvious, but guests want to know that hosts can accommodate their needs and will be there if anything comes up during their stay. From the moment you start getting inquiries, you should be responding quickly, providing friendly service, and accommodating your guests as best as possible. This is FREE and can go a long way in convincing guests to come back or share your listing with a friend. All the smores kits in the world won’t excuse a host that was rude or hard to reach.

The Benefits are Rich (Literally!)

On average, hosts make $13.8 thousand each year, making Airbnb a great investment for property owners. With the low overhead costs of setting up a geodesic dome from Ekodome, the profit numbers could go even higher. Sure, there are risks associated with letting strangers stay in your dome, but the numbers show that this is a wonderful form of passive income.

Learn as You Go

You won’t get everything perfect from the start and that is A-Okay! You have to be realistic in your expectations; know that you will have things you didn’t think of when planning and you’ll probably deal with your fair share of difficult guests, but overall turning your dome into a short-term rental is a great investment. All it takes is a little bit of work up front, a convincing Airbnb listing, and you’ll have guests knocking on your door to enjoy your little slice of paradise!