The passion for geodesic living

It's what brought us together.
And this is just the beginning...

How it all started:

Like many other geodesic dome lovers around the world, we started with paper models of hexagons and pentagons years ago. Then we built dozens of domes of any material, from wood to PVC, galvanized steel to aluminum. Some were bigger than 48 feet and they are still being used as event domes around the world.

As we improved our building technique over the years, we’ve been seeking ways to build a better experience for all. We aimed for solid panel-covered and affordable DIY dome kits rather than the solutions offered in the market requiring professional assembly and higher costs.

As soon as we introduced this concept, a great community gathered around our start-up. Thanks to all those great people worldwide, including many professionals, we started manufacturing the components of the most outstanding experience worth the cost in the dome building.

So that’s how our story began: We wanted to design, manufacture, and introduce a do-it-yourself type of geodesic dome frame kit. And this is just the beginning.

Some of the geodesic domes we built in 2014 in Istanbul, Turkey.
Our team working on different designs

The Outcome:

A unique geodesic dome frame design that is light, sturdy, and easy to install.

Our goal was that even someone with little knowledge of geodesic domes would build a sturdy and waterproof structure by cutting and mounting triangular panels after quickly installing the frame kit we provide.  We worked on alternative designs for nearly ten years. We have finally completed a unique geodesic dome frame design that is light, sturdy, and suitable for the do-it-yourself projects.

Before we remembered them again in the 20th century, humankind have built domes throughout the history, perhaps not only because they are safe and sturdy, but also we don't see corners in mother nature that often. Caves, tumulus, bush shelters, and tents were followed by the monumental temples, exhibit spaces, and scientific landmark buildings. We don't just want a roof over our heads, we try to avoid the flatness of the ceiling whenever we can.

Sinan Halic, CEO & Founder

Continuous improvement by a dedicated team with diverse backgrounds in industrial design, architecture, engineering, arts, and management.

Meet our team

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Our mission is to design and manufacture products with the highest user experience worldwide by investing in people and never-ending R&D to create a sustainable business model on geodesic dome frames.

Our vision is to be the leading company in any geography in the world, perhaps even on Mars, by offering the best user experience with the easiest to install and the most durable geodesic dome designs.

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Interested in joining our team?

At Ekodome®, we are dedicated to build better spaces for a better world. We support equal opportunities for everyone and we believe that diversity will make us more powerful in achieving our ambition of a sustainable and better future.

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