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The passion for geodesic living

It's what brought us together.
And this is just the beginning...

Ekodome is a Brooklyn, NY-based start-up company designing and manufacturing self-assembly Geodesic Dome Kits to help home and landowners worldwide build multipurpose spaces easily and affordably. The company was founded as Excolere LLC (dba Ekodome) by Sinan Halic, a Turkish descent maker artist living in New York who spent nearly a decade working on geodesic dome structures. His vision was to create modular living spaces by combining function, quality, design, and value – always with sustainability in mind. That is how Ekodome® was designed in the first place. We are a family run company, with a small team of engineers and architects with big ideas. We develop and manufacture geodesic dome building systems that aim to maximize lifetime user experience. Our mission is to contribute worldwide efforts in creating better habitats for the future based on sustainability principles.

Before we remembered them again in the 20th century, humankind has built domes throughout history, perhaps not only because they are safe and sturdy but also because we don't see corners in mother nature that often. Caves, tumulus, bush shelters, and tents were followed by monumental temples, exhibit spaces, and scientific landmark buildings. We don't just want a roof over our heads; we try to avoid the flatness of the ceiling whenever we can.

How it started

Like many other geodesic dome lovers worldwide, we started with paper models of hexagons and pentagons years ago. Then we built dozens of domes of any material, from wood to PVC, galvanized steel to aluminum. Some were bigger than 48 feet and are still being used today.

As we improved our building technique over the years, we started seeking ways to build a better experience for all. The majority of the dome kits in the market were made of steel and covered with PVC membranes. Others were out of the DIY range, with fully engineered systems that target the construction industry and mega projects. So we targeted a range in between; a fully engineered geodesic dome system that does not require professional assembly and does not come with a 6-digit tag.

When we first introduced this idea with a Kickstarter campaign in November 2020, we quickly established a like-minded community seeking similar solutions. Unfortunately, the campaign did not succeed because of the wrong timing, but the core backers continued to support our movement after we canceled and proceeded with alternative funding methods. We ran multiple surveys to develop the final product together with the community, and with a small team of engineers and architects, we designed and developed Ekodome frames.

We started manufacturing in the Spring of 2021 amidst a global pandemic. The products’ affordability and fast prototyping were the key to this startup’s success. As the base for our facility, we chose Istanbul, Turkey, where overhead and labor costs are more advantageous than in the US, and the manufacturing quality is superior to elsewhere. Today, we continue developing and manufacturing geodesic dome-building systems committed to changing the game once and for all.

Yet, this is just the beginning.

Our Mission Statement

We aim to contribute worldwide efforts in creating habitats of the future, based on sustainability principles. Either on Mother Earth, or on Mars, or on any other place where humans land and live.

We design for maximum user experience, we manufacture with respect to our planet, and we invest in people and continuous R&D.

Our vision is to be the leading company globally by offering the best user experience with the easiest to install and the most durable geodesic dome kits.

Our Core Values


We encourage new, smart and creative ideas here. We learn from mistakes and constantly improve to add value and raise the bar.


We take care of all our customers and their orders. We know how big investment the domes are, and we do our best to deliver it with the highest standards you'd expect to receive.

Honesty & Integrity

We are honest, transparent and committed to achieve the best for our company and for Ekodome owners around the world.

Interested in joining our team?

At Ekodome®, we are dedicated to build better spaces for a better world. We support equal opportunities for everyone and we believe that diversity will make us more powerful in achieving our ambition of a sustainable and better future.

If you want to be a part of our family, send your resume with a cover letter to


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