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Backyard goals ideas to spruce up your outdoor space

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The Covid-19 pandemic has urged a strong demand for outdoor spaces, which offer the only safe place for homeowners to indulge.
There’s no better place to gather with friends and family or unwind after a long day than in your own backyard. Besides, it adds value to your home and can be a huge selling feature to potential buyers. Whatever your backyard goals are, you want it to be attractive and functional. With that in mind, we compiled some design tips to spruce up your backyard this summer.

Here are nine inspiring backyard goals ideas for your fun-filled, family-friendly dream space.

perennial plants for backyard

Use Perennials

Attractive and well-maintained landscaping is essential for backyards. It turns your backyard into a more relaxing and appealing place to spend time. But gardens constantly require hands-on care, time, and energy. To minimize your efforts, consider low-maintenance landscaping, which includes plants that come back every year and that are best suited to your climate.

edible landscaping for your backyardHave some Edibles

Self-sufficiency is a big trend in post-pandemic backyard goals. Planting fruit trees, vegetables, salad greens, and herbs not only provides a massive amount of greenery but also leads to a sustainable way of living through your backyard. Planting and maintaining a garden can be a fun and rewarding family activity. It is also a great reason to spend more time together outside. Edible landscaping also helps save you money in the grocery store and enables a “farm-to-table” experience along with its added health benefits.

rustic backyard stylesGo Back to Basics

The modern backyard styles are outdated as of 2020. Nowadays, people are looking for a more natural, rustic-looking landscape. Outdoor buildings such as sheds, pergolas, trellises, and chicken coops tend to favor a rustic appearance and help bring a relaxed and authentic feel to any backyard design.

backyard firepitStart a Fire

Many home buyers expect an outdoor fire pit or fireplace to be a part of the property. There are a vast array of products on the market that can truly fit your expectations and budget. A fire pit is the centerpiece of any backyard, around which family and friends can gather and socialize. It not only provides warmth and ambiance but also extends the season for your outdoor space.

backyard pondCool off with Water

Just like fire pits, water features may become another centerpiece in your backyard. Whether it’s a pool or a small pond, it immediately sets a relaxing mood and transforms the space into a resort-like ambiance. You can use natural materials like wood and stones, which will add a touch of zen to your backyard. Another option might be to install a small water wall that will add a calming sound to the atmosphere. Relaxing by a small pond with a running waterfall while some beautiful Koi fish swimming around is priceless, and it will transform your space into a haven for the entire family to enjoy.

backyard lightingLight it up

Your outdoor space is not limited to daytime use, so a form of lighting is absolutely needed. Strip lighting is quite popular nowadays, and you can quickly set it up to highlight any area in your backyard. You can also choose to place ornamental lanterns, lamps, or candles to reflect your style. Whatever you choose, a touch of light will beautify your backyard right away.

outdoor kitchen
Cook it out

You can create a separate kitchen in your backyard by adding elements like a barbecue, an open bar, counters, a refrigerator, or a sink, and even an oven. Having an outdoor kitchen will give you the option to host and entertain your guests without missing all the fun.

outdoor living spaceCreate Extra Spaces

Creating extra spaces in your backyard will provide a designated area for you to spend time, regardless of the season and weather. You can either chill out on your own or host events and entertain your guests with no worries to have enough privacy. A canopy with hanging flowers, or a pavilion with comfy cushions and pillows, a gazebo with hanging hammocks, or a shed loaded with your favorite hobby items, will uplift your backyard experience. With a set of outdoor furniture or a couple of chairs around a coffee table, your extra living space will become your favorite place to enjoy a glass of wine with friends in the evening. You can add some lighting, music, a projector, and a sound system, and enjoy an outdoor movie night in your own backyard. Be creative and reflect your own style with colorful textiles and decorative elements.

Last but not least:
Do it under a dome!

A geodesic dome kit will help you fulfill your backyard goals and create new spaces for any purpose. You can build a trellis, a pavilion, a shed, or even an outdoor kitchen with a sturdy and ever-lasting dome frame. Cover your pool, use it as a garage, create a winter garden or a sunroom, use it as an emergency shelter, grow produce, store your garden tools, use it as a man cave; your options are only limited by your own imagination. Building is also fun; it will be an exciting DIY project for the entire family that will bring everybody together.
An aluminum geodesic dome kit will be sturdy and durable to bring all these projects into life, and besides, it will be low-maintenance, unlike wooden structures. Ekodome® frames are strong and can withstand all types of weather, and come with ten years of warranty. Check out the Ekodome® webstore to find a geodome kit that fit your needs!

backyard geodesic dome structures

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