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Beginners Guide to Build a Greenhouse

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Start a greenhouse in your backyard so you can grow fresh vegetables, exotic herbs, and beautiful flowers all year round.

Growing your own food will put you in control of every step of the growing process — from seed selection and soil and pest management all the way to harvesting and composting. You will have the full confidence of putting the purest and healthiest food on the table for you and your loved ones. No need to mention how much you can save on your groceries and how much you can reduce your food waste. 

Although it looks a bit intimidating for first-time gardeners, growing your own food isn’t rocket science at all. It just takes a little time to learn, but it’s totally worth the experience and the outcome.


To start a greenhouse garden in your backyard, you first need to consider the available space in your yard and the number of plants you plan to grow inside. A greenhouse is a long-term investment, and it should be designed to accommodate your plans and ideas for years to come. These three factors below will be helpful in your decision making.

  • First and foremost, it should have adequate space to provide room for growth. The seeds you plant soon will grow and need more room than they do in the beginning. If you don’t plan accordingly, you may reach the capacity of your greenhouse very quickly. 
  • Consider a storage area for supplies like watering cans, pots, seedling trays, etc. 
  • Add the amount of space to move around. After spending hours on your knees, your comfort level will decrease, and you may end up losing interest and motivation. If more than one person will be inside at a time, you also need to take this into account.

Many greenhouse owners suggest that it is best to choose bigger sizes than you initially want, needless to say, space allowing and within budget.

There will be added benefits if you choose a geodesic dome for your greenhouse project.

It not only adds an eye-catching aesthetic appearance but also brings valuable energy efficiency to the equation. Geodesic domes use daylight at a higher efficiency than standard greenhouses. Its dome-like structure allows sunlight to pass at any angle at any time of the day. Rectangular greenhouses are less efficient during early mornings and late afternoon when the sun is close to the horizon and only perform at maximum efficiency during midday. The efficient use of sunlight by geodesic domes and the added insulation provided by its structure enable it to retain more heat during the winter months, allowing you to extend your growing season.

Also, your maintenance costs for heating and ventilation will be lower than a standard DIY greenhouse kit.
Geodesic greenhouses are superior to ordinary greenhouses when it comes to sunlight utilization, insulation, and durability.

Another benefit of a geodesic greenhouse is its large volume for a small surface area, thanks to its dome shape, which provides plenty of interior space for vertical gardening.

If you are not sure how much you want to spend on your greenhouse kit, here are Ekodome’s models and pricing for a more precise calculation.

Ekodome® SEED: 1V Dome for a Mini Greenhouse

Our 1V dome is not actually designed to be used as a greenhouse. It’s only 5.34ft in height so not quite a walk-in greenhouse. However there’s no reason not to use it as a mini greenhouse if you have space constraints. It will grow you a few plants or some fresh herbs and spices. Maybe this could be your first try with greenhouses? Or perhaps you want to know whether or not you like it before committing to a larger greenhouse in your yard.

Ekodome® LUNA: 2V Dome for a Medium Greenhouse

Our 2V dome with 183 square feet usage area is a perfect medium-sized greenhouse, and you’ll be able to grow a wide range of fruits, vegetables, and plants. It will give you the freedom to start small and gradually expand with tunnel modules to connect to new other greeenhouse domes.

Ekodome® TERRA: 3V Dome for a Large Greenhouse

If you want to do more serious greenhouse growing, a 366 square ft greenhouse is a great choice. It can accommodate a reasonable amount of plants, to provide enough fresh produce to a family of 5-6. With a height of 13.15 feet, you can grow tall plants including some citrus trees.

Hobby greenhouse kits are a great choice for a modest home garden, modern homestead, or even a mini-farm! Kits are available in many sizes and styles to meet your needs, designed for convenience and easy use. We’ll soon have great add-ons for our geodesic dome greenhouse kits to maximize your gardening experience. Meanwhile feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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