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Busting Myths About Geodesic Domes

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The world of geodesic domes has really taken off over the last decade. Geodesic domes allow people to add more living space to their homes, create a weatherproof escape to nature, and more. As with any big purchase, it’s normal to have some concerns or be skeptical about a few things, but there are common myths we see again and again that we wanted to address. Hopefully, our myth-busting guide below will make you feel confident in your decision to purchase an Ekodome.

1) Domes Are Difficult to Assemble

One of our favorite things about geodesic dome options today is that most manufacturers place massive importance on the ease of assembly. At Ekodome, our geodesic dome selection is designed to allow a group of people to be able to assemble the entire thing. Will it pop up like a quick tent and be done in 15 minutes? No. However, the fact that our domes can be built by people with no contractor experience makes them much easier to assemble than many other semi-permanent structures. We estimate that most of our domes can be assembled by a small group of people within a number of hours, depending on the size of the dome.

2) It’s Impossible to Re-Sell Domes

This is an outdated perspective coming from people who think of geodesic domes as permanent structures that are custom-made by homeowners and cannot be moved. While the geodesic domes from Ekodome are designed to withstand the test of time, they can easily be resold and moved. Their lightweight materials and simple assembly process ensure Ekodomes maintain their value, even when being resold. We consider them a great investment piece; original buyers can use them for one purpose, then, if they want to get rid of them (which is rare!), a new buyer can purchase and repurpose the dome.

3) Privacy is Impossible

We understand this concern because many geodesic domes, including Ekodome’s selections, are often outfitted with clear panels. These panels allow plenty of light to enter the dome, making this the perfect situation for people who are looking for an indoor/outdoor escape or who want to use the dome as a greenhouse. If you’re looking to use a geodesic dome as an extra dwelling space or as a short-term rental unit, there are many ways to increase the availability of privacy in the dome. We offer dome panels that aren’t clear, allowing buyers to use the clear ones to create “windows” in their domes while the rest of the dome is a quiet, private escape.

4) They Won’t Last a Long Time

Ekodomes were designed first and foremost with sustainability in mind. Using aluminum instead of steel, Ekodomes are made to be rust-free and corrosion-resistant, which is a testament to how long-lasting they can be. The lifetime of any product depends on the materials used and the team at Ekodome has had sustainability and longevity at the center of the design process since the company’s inception. We pride ourselves on cultivating a seamless user experience, meaning that we emphasize customer satisfaction, and how long a dome lasts is one of the key factors that contributes to overall satisfaction.

5) They’re Not Affordable

Considering that geodesic domes can be used as semi-permanent structures, greenhouses, additional living space, and more, they’re quite affordable. If you take a quick look at what it would cost to buy or build a greenhouse, extra apartment in your yard, or different structure, you will most certainly be paying more than you would when buying an Ekodome. Our full kits range from about $3,800 to $48,000, depending on size. These are extremely affordable investment prices and the fact that they can be assembled without a specially trained team cuts back on any labor costs, too! We also offer frame only kits, ranging from $1,400 to $14,000 for those who prefer to cover the domes by themselves.

6) Domes Aren’t Versatile

Not to be too blunt here, but this is just plain wrong. We are constantly amazed by the uses our customers come up with for our domes. We’ve seen everything from yoga studios to greenhouses to libraries and the list goes on. Since Ekodome offers a variety of sizing, panel types, and possible configurations, versatility is a given. From our perspective, geodesic domes are one of the most versatile structures out there because they can handle many different environments, weather conditions, and use cases.

7) Geodesic Domes Can’t Handle Inclement Weather

Using aluminum as the frame material allows us to be confident that our domes won’t rust or corrode when exposed to weather conditions. Additionally, the frame is reinforced by special seals that are designed to keep water out. Through independent testing, we confirmed that Ekodomes can withstand constant wind of 190-200 miles per hour, which is equivalent to a category 5 hurricane. The notion that domes can’t handle weather conditions is misguided; most reputable manufacturers use materials and patented designs that ensure each dome is able to handle whatever mother nature throws at it.

8) Customizable Options Are Not Readily Available

Ekodome offers 5 different dome kits with a variety of dimensions and designs. Each design’s panels can be customized and buyers even have the option to purchase multiple domes that can be connected with a small hallway. You could build an entire compound with nothing but Ekodome products if you wanted to! If you have questions about specific customizations when you order, our team is more than happy to talk through the options with you as well.

An Investment You Won’t Regret

Our family-run business has made every decision with the customer in mind, attempting to make the user experience as perfect as possible. We understand where the concerns come from when making a big investment in a geodesic dome, but when you purchase an Ekodome, you can rest easy knowing that you’re getting the best of the best. We don’t compromise on quality – that’s our promise to you.


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