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Dome Decorating Have You Down? Here are Top Trends and Insider Tips to Make Your Dome Stand Out

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Some people love interior design, others hate it. No matter which side of the spectrum you fall onto, you can still successfully outfit your Ekodome to be the perfect escape or short-term rental property. If you’re not sure where to start, we’ll share top trends and principles to abide by when decorating, specifically if you’re thinking about renting your dome out.


If you plan on keeping your dome to yourself as a yoga studio, office, or greenhouse, then follow your heart and do what feels right. But, if you’re looking to get ready for guests coming and going, follow these 10 tips for the best results (for you AND the guests!).

Sturdy Doesn’t Mean Pricey

When other people are staying in your domes, you can’t really control how they treat the furniture and decorations inside. Of course, we’d like to think that all guests will be gentle angels, but that’s not the case, and of course, accidents happen. Because of this, it’s best to invest in furniture that is built well and meant to last, but that won’t put you over budget. Facebook Marketplace and other resell sites are a great way to find furniture at a discount. You might be tempted to take a trip to IKEA, but that stuff is not built to last.

Fun Prints and Patterns Aren’t Fun to Replace

Who doesn’t love a space with bold patterns and accent colors, right? We know how fun it can be to opt for the funky bedsheets or the striped pillows, but if you’re going to have to replace things, you want it to be easy. Sticking with solid colors for towels, sheets, and other linens will make your life a whole lot easier, and you can still find creative ways to make your dome pop!

Simplicity is Key

Guests aren’t interested in a crowded space with knick-knacks and doo-dads; they want something that feels simple and clean but also inviting. Give your space life with nice artwork, beautiful rugs, and small details, but avoid cluttering the space with lots of items on countertops and coffee tables.

Liven Up the Space with Plants

Plants can be tricky because they require a bit of maintenance, but they add so much to a space and help keep your Ekodome feeling fresh! Opt for succulents, air plants, or other low-maintenance options for the best results. Trust us, your guests will love this unique touch! Plants offer many health benefits, too, such as keeping the air clean. The natural light offered by Ekodomes makes them great places for plants to thrive; you won’t have to worry about one getting stuck in a dark corner and quietly wilting away.

Thoughtful Theme Approaches

Having a theme for your Ekodome can help make it feel tied together and cohesive but be careful not to overdo it. While it’s nice to see different components fit together nicely, guests aren’t interested in cowboy boots and cowboy hats hanging everywhere in a country theme. Instead, invest in a few statement pieces or décor items that keep the theme alive throughout the space without becoming an eye sore.

Lighting Can Make a World of Difference

Light fixtures, lamps, and string lights are a great way to add ambiance to your space. We’ll admit, during the day, lighting won’t be as critical due to the brightness of Ekodomes, but when the evening comes, your guests will love funky lights or cozy fixtures that make the place feel warm, inviting, and homey. Try to seek out lighting options with warm tones instead of harsh, bright lights.

Jump on the Biophilic Design Trend

Aiming to create spaces that connect people to nature, biophilic design is the perfect approach for any Ekodome. Inherently, every Ekodome is connected to nature, providing only a thin layer of separation between the inside and outside. Play up this hot trend by using indoor plants, earth tones, and organic materials. This is also a great option because the furniture and décor are accommodating to small accents and fun pops of color.

Japandi Style is Here

Combining the simplicity of Japanese interior design styles with the coziness of Scandinavian approaches, Japandi offers the perfect blend of clean lines and homey feelings. Think cozy throw blankets and plants, mixed with a minimalist approach.

Capitalize on the Outdoor Space

If you’re setting up an Ekodome, chances are, you’ve got a beautiful area to play with beyond the dome itself. Consider adding a cozy sitting area or fire pit to create a seamless transition from inside to outside. Not only will this make your geodesic dome stand out from others, but it will offer that thoughtful touch that guests will love. It doesn’t have to be complicated; a couple of cozy chairs, a good view, and some string lights are all you need.

There’s a Time and Place for Family Photos – This Is NOT It

Yes, your family is adorable, and you love them…but your Ekodome guests won’t appreciate them in the same way. Keep your family photos and personalized items in your own home instead. Not only will personal décor make your guests feel out of place but showing your family to strangers could also be a safety hazard!

It’s an Iterative Process

Just like in your home, the décor of your Ekodome will change over the years. Things will break, you’ll decide it’s time for a spruce-up, or you’ll get ready to try out a new theme. Every space you create will look different and feel different but don’t be afraid to have fun along the way. Remember, any décor faux pas will not be remembered long and you can always adjust. Just like we all thought we were stylish back in middle school, only to look at photos of our outfits and cringe, the trends of your space will be fun to look back on.

Coming soon to Ekodome

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