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What is EKODOME®?

EKODOME® is a new geodesic dome frame design that allows you to build better spaces to live. With our custom design aluminum profiles, one can quickly build multipurpose spaces and cover the dome frame with any solid panel or membranes.

Ekodome® is a DIY dome building kit providing frames only. Our designs make it easier for everyone to cover their dome frames with preferred material and create great spaces. We want to guide and support our backers with extension kits, accessories, and must-have frame elements on this journey. We are also working closely with third party providers for those who want to have all needed in hand to build better spaces. 

Who are we?

As the Ekodome® team, we are passionate about geodesic domes. 

We were no different than you. We loved geodesic domes and wanted to build one.

The models we made as a hobby pioneered the design and building of real-sized dome tents. We have built geodesic dome tents and canopy domes using wooden struts, galvanized steel, PVC, and aluminum. Some were larger than 48 feet.

In this period, we started searching for alternative techniques rather than membranes to give the geodesic-domes a waterproof feature. As a result of our market researches, we could not find any do-it-yourself geodesic frame kits on which solid panels would fit perfectly and quickly mounted. We wanted to design, manufacture, and introduce do-it-yourself type of geodesic frame kits.

What did we achieve?

It is more advantageous in terms of both installation and waterproofness to use flat surface struts instead of metal pipes for a geodesic dome frame covered with solid panels. However, the main problem in geodesic dome frameworks using flat surface profiles is the angle of the interconnecting surfaces of these structural elements that form the structure. 

The Problem
The Solution

Due to the nature of the geodesic dome design, placing solid panels correctly onto the flat-surface frame elements that form the dome’s triangles is not possible without manipulating the angles. Many designers and companies have overcome this problem with particular joints or individual design profiles in the past. However, we found that many of the past designs had other issues.

With our patent-pending T profile aluminum struts bent at multiple angles, we have designed geodesic dome frames ready to mount triangular panels cut out of any material. As an option, we also provide profiles that form doors, windows, roof and floor connections, and accessories. Last but not least, we designed the connectors to allow our customers to cover the geodesic dome frames with a flexible membrane as an option.