Geodesic dome

EKODOME, a newly established company in Brooklyn, New York, introduced its first range of aluminum geodesic dome frames to change the way people build spaces for a better living.

Ekodome exceeds expectations by offering easy to install, durable, and one-of-a-kind design geodesic dome frames. You can quickly build a dome cabin, greenhouse, garden shed, even a gazebo in your backyard, or create a playhouse for your kids and a new home for your pets.

The world is changing. The way we adapt also. Whether one wants to reconnect with nature and explore a sustainable life with a dome cabin or build a greenhouse in the backyard, an affordable and perfect design will make things easier and smoother along the way.

Ekodome Frames are an innovative and affordable solution for those looking for more flexibility in building domes and covering them with solid panels. These domes are a culmination of extensive research, design excellence, and authentic simplicity, unlike anything currently available.

The product range offers improved specifications over the standards, unlike any competitor. Patent-pending lightweight aluminum profiles forming the structure, pushpins for the lead set up, windows, doors, cupola, and elevation kit options make these frames fully compatible with future products and give users absolute freedom a wide variety of circumstances.

Ekodome Geodesic Dome Frames are made of extruded aluminum profiles bent at perfect angles and hand-cut by expert craftmanship – not only built to survive the harsh weather conditions but to provide users with extensive durability and reliability in every occasion.

The Ekodome team is currently raising awareness through social media to spread the word and finalize the first batch designs’ production.

Within the first two weeks, the brand successfully set the world alight, surpassing the expected interest, thanks to people’s overwhelming and enthusiastic support.

For details about Ekodome Geodesic Dome Frames, visit or visit Facebook @ekodomes or Instagram @ekodome

You can directly contact the Ekodome team to request further information.

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