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Ekodome® Geodesic Domes & Accessories

Build your own space, whether it is a single-wall glasshouse or a completely insulated dwelling dome. Choose colors and add accessories as needed to personalize your dome, and if you need to expand space add more domes and link them with tunnel modules!



The authentic Ekodome series that is optimized for ultimate strength and affordability. It’s easy to assemble and dismantle, and can be used 4-seasons for all your space requirements from backyard structures to greenhouses, from pop-up structures to temporary shelter units.


We are proudly introducing our design, a new dome frame system with integrated polyamide thermal bridge break profiles, Ekodome® PRO Series. It maximizes the insulation capacity and eliminates condensation problems. With a minimum of 24 R-Value, it exceeds the sidewall requirements of most prefabricated building codes.


The one and only frame only geodesic dome kit to enable DIY lovers, and owner builders to bring their projects to life. The shell structure will include all the framework components. All you need to fabricate on your own is the cover panels.


To extend your geodesic dome’s functionality, we offer a range accessories such as openable windows, passive vents, connection tunnels, and more. You can also choose different colors for frame and cover panels for further personalization.


Pre-cut panels in various materials and various thicknesses for Ekodome® frames are available to order from our website. Which materials are we offering, what colors and which thicknesses? Here below you can find all the details.


Do you have a project that requires further customization? Such as dome with no door? Or a full sphere dome? Or a dome at a different size? Let’s talk!

We offer 5 Ekodome Sizes

From 8 ft to 30 ft, we offer 5 different sizes for different space needs. All sizes are available in original and Pro series, except Seed. Need bigger space? Connect them with tunnel modules to extend your dome space.

As Ekodome®, we design and manufacture geodesic dome kits, not only because they are visually appealing, but also they have ultimate architectural benefits, and have great potential in creating cities of the future.

See how it's made

Our manufacturing line is at full capacity, working 24/7. The production facilities are located in Istanbul, Turkey and the management office in New York, USA is always in sync with the team behind the manufacturing process. 

See how it's built

To demonstrate the ease of installation of EKODOME frames, our founder worked with no tools, just bare hands, to complete the installation of our 22ft 3V dome, Ekodome TERRA, in about 7 hours. For an inexperienced team of 3, this will take about 4 hours, with the help of basic tools and appropriate ladder. 

See how it's covered

You can cover your Ekodome with many commonly used building materials. In addition, our dome kits come with panel templates that allow you to cut and install the panels by yourself, which is a great flexibility that do-it-yourselfers seek. Furthermore, these geodesic dome frames can accommodate any solid panel between 4mm and 10mm thickness. Finally, for those who prefer a complete boxed solution, pre-cut panels in various materials are available on our website under Full Kits category.

Innovative strut and hub design working in full integrity with embedded sealing components, makes it easier for everyone to build geodesic domes. Whatever your building purpose is, Ekodome® kits are designed to maximize your overall geodesic dome experience not only in the building stage, but also in using and enjoying for many years to come!


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