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Geodesic Dome Accessories

To extend your geodesic dome’s functionality, we develop and provide several type of accessories as add-ons.

Available add-ons for Ekodome® frames


All Ekodome Frames come with complete Door Kit including:
1) Mounting brackets
2) The door itself, with the lock, keys and handles.
Door Kit comes fully assembled. All you have to do is attaching the kit to the frame using bolts and screws, and applying the EPDM seals and gaskets provided on the kit, as instructed. If you order a second door kit, you’ll still have the full amount of struts in your kit, to be able to close the door opening anytime in the future.

Extra doors available for TERRA, STELLAR and COSMOS models.

  • Door Frame


Window Frame

EKODOME® window cases are made of 2mm thick aluminum sheets that are laser cut and welded. Thanks to the TPE gaskets on the aluminum struts, windows cases can be squeezed by the profile caps, unlike the panel installation, which requires a minimum of 4mm thickness. However, depending on the poor leveling of the foundation and improper installment of the base elements (ideally, they should exactly match the dome’s diameter), the window frame may need to be raised with an extra 2mm with wedges or laths. You can place these laths below (on the struts) or above the window case flanges for the best-squeezing performance of the strut caps’ TPE rubber seals. If silicone application is applied, no additional action is required.

Windows available for LUNA, TERRA, STELLAR and COSMOS models.

  • Window Frame


Tunnel Module

Tunnel modules connect multiple domes, and you can also install one as a doorway for your dome frame. Numerous tunnel modules can be screwed to each other to extend the distance, and you can install a door from the sides to create complex architecture.

Tunnel modules have the same width and height as the door frames, and their length is 90cm/36 inches. So you can attach multiple modules in a row and connect two or more domes. Extra doors can be also be screwed on the tunnel modules for additional entry and exits. They already have glazing beads attached which you can install glass, acrylic, polycarbonate, or any other solid material. We advise 6mm thickness as the best option for the glazing of the tunnel modules, but 8 mm or a maximum of 10 mm panels can be installed.

Tunnel modules are compatible with LUNA, TERRA, STELLAR and COSMOS models.

  • Tunnel Module


Passive Vents

Passive ventilation works on a scientific principle, using the buoyancy of hot air and the wind to encourage airflow through the domes. Our aluminum passive vents are easy to install, maintenance-free, and challenge condensation naturally. By installing these tiny aluminum roofs above the cutouts on the panels, moist stale air is extracted and replaced with fresh, clean air. Passive Vents available for SEED, LUNA, TERRA, STELLAR and COSMOS models.

Anchor Plates

The only steel component in our dome (other than bolts & nuts) is the anchoring plates we offer to stabilize your dome to the ground. Anchor plates are connected to the ground hubs of our domes, so they come as a set, and the number of anchor plates in a set matches the number of ground hubs in your dome model. Luna has 10, Terra has 15, Stellar and Cosmos have 20 ground hubs, so their anchor plates count corresponds to the same number. Seed model does not have any anchor sets, because Seed has an embedded anchoring base on the ground hub. 

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