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Ekodome Platform Solutions

Transform Your Dome Space with Versatile Platforms

Elevate Your Outdoor Living

Create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living with Ekodome Platforms. Whether you envision a cozy lounge area, a stylish dining space, or a serene garden oasis, our platforms provide the perfect foundation for your outdoor escape.

Customize Your Platform to Fit Your Vision

At Ekodome, we understand that every dome is unique. That’s why our platforms can be customized to the fullest, allowing you to create a space that perfectly aligns with your vision.

Polygonal or Square

Tailor the shape of your platform to suit your preferences. Opt for a sleek polygonal design for a modern aesthetic, or embrace the timeless elegance of a square layout.

Skirt or No Skirt

Define the look and feel of your platform with the option to add a skirt. Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space with a skirted platform, or keep it minimalist and sleek with a skirt-free design.

Deck or No Deck

Create additional space for lounging and entertaining with the option to add a deck to your platform. Enjoy panoramic views and outdoor gatherings on a decked platform, or maximize usable space with a platform sans deck.

Elevated or Not Elevated

Customize the elevation of your platform to suit your site's terrain and your desired aesthetic. Choose an elevated platform for added visual interest and a commanding presence, or keep it grounded for seamless integration with the surrounding landscape.

Select your design

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