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The kit consists of everything you need to build your geodesic dome structure.

  • Aluminum struts and strut caps,
  • Aluminum hubs and hub caps
  • TPE, and EPDM seals for waterproofness.
  • Bolts, Nuts, Screws.
  • Instruction manual 
  • Any add-ons ordered
  • Door frame
  • Window frame
  • Cupola (for some models)
  • Tunnel module
  • Passive vents


*Please check compatible add-ons for your preferred size dome frame. List of all options can be found here.

All our frames are manufactured with aluminum profiles in EN 755-9 standards. This European Standard specifies the tolerances on dimensions and forms for aluminum and aluminum alloy extruded struts with a cross-section within a circumscribing circle is not greater than 800 mm.

Read more here.

Ekodome hubs are made of aluminum casting with A360 (US) alloy. A360 is an aluminum alloy with excellent pressure tightness and fluidity. In addition, it has a high silicon content and offers high corrosion resistance as well as high strength, even in elevated temperatures.

Our manufacturing partner company for aluminum profiles operates with ISO 9001  certification.

It depends on the size of the frame, the number of people, and level of experience. Smaller sizes may take 3-4 hours, while larger domes would take a day or more to build. Terra, Stellar and Cosmos models will definitely require a ladder or lift.

Disassembling the frames will only take 1/4 of the time to install.

Not much. A cordless screwdriver with a torque selection option and an Allen key will be enough for the installation. 

There is no limit. Every single day a new high-tech material is being developed. Any solid panel between 4-10mm cut according to our triangular templates will be acceptable to install on the frame and will be squeezed by our aluminum strut caps. Depending on the project, thicker panels can be installed without using our aluminum strut caps, but the sealing should be self-managed.
Solid and multiwall polycarbonate, UV-protected acrylic, Lexan, and other plastic-based panels are commonly used materials in greenhouses. In addition, aluminum composite, Marine plywood, SIP, plastered OSB and Aircrete, metal mesh, wood, Hempcrete, and other composite materials would be ideal for the non-transparent cladding.
According to the purpose of the build, you may also use flexible membranes such as canvas, PVC, shrink wrap, woven poly membranes, laminated and coated composite fabrics to cover our geodesic domes.

Sustainability is an essential piece of our company culture. Therefore, we strongly encourage the community to use biocomposite and eco-friendly materials for both covering and insulation wherever they are available.

See more options and details here.

For the geodesic domes’ interior, fiberglass batt insulation and spray foam insulation are favorite choices for most. We encourage the community to use Hemp Blankets as an environment-friendly and highly efficient solution. Foamboards covered with wooden panels and High-tech biodegradable materials are also more common nowadays.

Again we strongly encourage our community to use eco-friendly or recycled materials proven to be healthy, mostly when the dome is for residential purposes. We are sure that you have seen thick interior walls filled with straws and plastered with adobe.

You may have a thin concrete base foundation, or an elevated wooden deck, in either case you should take into account the space needed for plumbing, water storage, insulation from the ground.

Some of our models have base hubs that allow anchoring easily, which means the foundation line of the framework has an embedded screwing part to fix your dome on any type of foundation. For models which don’t have suitable base hubs, anchoring brackets are provided with the kit.


The extruded struts are equipped with 4 different angles. The angles allow both the hubs and the panels to fit face to face with the aluminum struts. The struts are equipped with TPE/SEBS seals to keep the water out.  

The design also allows you to apply extra seals between the panels and struts. You should also keep in mind that water tightness is usually sustained by regular maintenance. 

Aluminum alloys contain almost no iron, and without iron, the metal can’t rust, but it does oxidize. When the alloy is exposed to water, a film of aluminum oxide forms quickly on the surface. The hard oxide layer is quite resistant to further corrosion and protects the underlying metal.

Yes. Aluminum, also known as “the element of sustainability,” is infinitely recyclable and highly durable; nearly 75 percent of all aluminum ever produced is still used today. Aluminum is 100 percent recyclable and retains its properties indefinitely.  

Yes! Luna, Terra, Stellar and Cosmos models can easily be connected to each other with our tunnel modules, which allows space expansion easily.

Every meter (3,28 ft) of the aluminum profiles weigh around 1 pound for the smaller sizes and 1.75 pounds for the larger domes. The thickness of the aluminum profiles vary according to the size and at specific points of the profiles.  For 1V and 2Vs, gauge varies between 0.098 to 0.12 in while  2V and 3V dome profiles are extruded with a thickness of 0.157 in.

Our independently conducted structural engineering test results show us that our domes keeps their structural integrity up to 209 km/h – 130mph sustained wind, which corresponds to a Category 4 hurricane according to Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale.

Increasing the frequency of the dome designs and thickness of the aluminum struts, we can cover a stadium’s roof and even a whole town. There is no limit technically, however this would be a labor-intensive project, with high costs of production.

EKODOME® Frames come with a 10-year warranty by EKODOME® against structural failure of the EKODOME® struts and hubs, given regular maintenance and check procedure from the date of original purchase. The structural warranty does not include foundations, modifications, and adscititious accessories that are not compatible with our frames.

EKODOME® shall pass on all warranties for some parts of the kits or accessories from their manufacturers to the Purchaser.

All warranties will be considered void if the Purchaser does not install the product properly and/or uses our dome frames for a purpose other than advertised and/or exposes the frame and other components to more weight/stress than suggested limits.

We provide financing through Klarna. For bulk orders and custom work, we can also issue invoices due in 30 or 60 days depending on the contract amount.

Our standard lead time is 12-14 weeks from the date that an order is received. Due to various reasons, this lead time may time to time increase or decrease for 1-2 weeks.

For the US and Canada, we use Standard Shipping provided by major carriers such as FedEx, UPS, DHL and XPO. Shipping costs can be seen once you add an item to cart and enter your zip code.

Our shipping partners are able to ship outside of the USA, whereas, the costs vary depending on the size of the dome, the shipping season and the shipping method (air or sea). For some countries, these costs are available to see upon checkout from our store. If shipping cost does not populate on check-out, then you can request a quote directly from your cart.

If any aspect of your order is damaged or missing upon delivery, please contact us immediately for replacement.

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can also contact us within 30 days from the date you received your order and we will happily refund the purchase price of your item(s) less a 25% restocking fee. If the reason of your return is solely upgrading size, this fee will be waived. Shipping charges are not refundable. Any returned item will be charged the original shipping and handling costs incurred by us. Any discounts given will be subtracted from returned merchandise refunds. Customers are responsible for the shipping costs involved with the return of an item. Returned products must be in original condition (this means clean and dry with original packaging material, manuals, plus all other accessories provided by the manufacturer). Returned items not in original condition will be assessed and charged an additional reconditioning fee, or refused. Any order involving custom work is not returnable.

You may cancel your order only by submitting a written notice at any time before the Product ships. If you cancel your order, you will be charged a restocking fee of twenty five percent (25%) of your entire order, and refunded the remainder within ninety (90) days after cancellation.

No cancellations accepted for customized orders.

Yes. In most cases, you won’t even need insulation when used indoors.

Yes. If you have special projects and/or you are interested in bulk purchasing, please email us with details and we’ll come up with solutions. If you are interested in becoming a reseller/distributor, you can fill out an application form here.

Although there are common national standards, state and local codes vary, and in order to check compliance, you initially have to decide for what purposes you are going to use our domes for. For example, NY allows a structure under 144 sqft to be built without a permit, yet this is only for sheds/storages. If the building becomes a residence, the minimum size jumps to 800 square feet and requires a septic system, running water, and a full electrical system. But if you are building a greenhouse let’s say, it’s regarded as temporary structures, many building departments don’t even require permits.

So mainly, it will be your responsibility to contact your local building department to see how the codes apply.

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