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Financing your Domes

Looking for financing for Your Glamping Resort Project?

Ekodome partnered with Koala Capital Group aka, dedicated to offering solutions and cost-effective options tailored to the needs of glamping business owners and startups. They work with start-up & existing glamping sites, hotel/resort owners, campsites, RV Parks, Airbnb owners, wedding venues, outdoor food & entertainment venues and more.

Why Choose Koala Capital?

  • Flexible Repayment: Enjoy the freedom of early pay-off discounts.
  • Broad Credit Range: They accommodate A-C credit scenarios.
  • Diverse Spending: Utilize funds for expansion, repairs, inventory, and more!


Qualifying Is Simple:

  • Your business should be operational for at least one year.
  • You must have a monthly revenue of $25k or more.

Easy Application Process:

  • Submit the last 3 months’ bank statements – no need for extensive financials or tax returns.
  • Fill out the streamlined application.

Got questions? Reach out.

Julie C Cloyed
National Sales Director
Call or Text 727-678-5377
Fax 727-491-8543


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