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Ekodome Frame Design & the Math behind

Our unique design enables a precise triangular bed for the panels, a 90-degree screwing ability, and two 180-degree flatbeds for a strong connection with the hubs. With little to no prior experience with geodesic dome building, one can easily assemble to parts provided and create a perfect space for any purpose.

Why Ekodome?

Covering the geodesic dome frames built with flat surface struts is a challenge for dome builders.

The drawback is the irregular angles of the interconnecting surfaces. Without manipulating the surface angles of the struts, placing solid panels precisely on them is not possible due to the geodesic dome’s mathematics. 

Ekodome hub structure with precise angles does the math for you!

Our geodesic dome frame design allows you to build multipurpose structures easily, with a superior flexibility to cover the structure with any preferred material. The aluminum shell makes the structure lightweight enough to make it portable and strong enough to make it everlasting. Besides, the embedded components make your dome resistant to all types of weather. This all-in-one solution is designed and manufactured to build habitats of the future.

Angle Precision Tests

We first built a mini version of our 3V dome “TERRA” with ordinary aluminum laths and proved that the angles perfectly align. Then we tested the hubs with actual profiles and saw one more time that the 3D designs prove to work perfect in the outcome.

Heat treated hubs to increase strength and durability.

The heat treatment of cast aluminum alloys is carried out to increase their strength and hardness and to change their physical, mechanical, and metallurgical properties with a controlled heating (to extreme temperatures) and cooling. This process also provides better surface finishes, improves machinability, and strengthens the mechanical properties.

Powder coated in anthracite color.

The powder coating with anthracite color is not only an elegant and a sleek touch on our design, but also provides a layer of protection against corrosion, scratches/chipping and fading. The Class 2 paint has a long-lasting lifespan with a 20 year warranty.

Embedded sealing to maximize waterproofness

Two main sealing components are used on Ekodome Frames: TPE / SEBS and EPDM. EPDM and TPE both resist water, weather, ozone, and sunlight. However, compared to EPDM, TPEs offer greater design flexibility, and SEBS provide a better water-resistant solution with high reflectivity and high tensile strength.

The bottom of the hubs have an embedded sealing made out of EPDM to prevent any leakages from the connection points. The struts also have sealings made out of TPE / SEBS to secure the watertightness at points where cover panels are placed.

High strength to weight ratio

Aluminum is one of the lightest engineering metals, having the strength to weight ratio superior to steel. Our frame strength comes from not only precision-cut durable aluminum profiles but also from the solid panels you can easily mount on the shell design.

Easy assembly made for DIY lovers!

Ekodome kits are optimized for self-assembly, requiring only a handful of people working together in less than a day-time, with minimum set of tools. Depending on the size of your selected dome, you may need a ladder or a crane to reach the roofing part. All instructions and panel templates come with the kit. 

See how it's made

Our manufacturing line is at full capacity, working 24/7. The production facilities are located in Istanbul, Turkey and the management office in New York, USA is always in sync with the team behind the manufacturing process. 

See how it's built

To demonstrate the ease of installation of EKODOME frames, our founder worked with no tools, just bare hands, to complete the installation of our 22ft 3V dome, Ekodome TERRA, in about 7 hours. For an inexperienced team of 3, this will take about 4 hours, with the help of basic tools and appropriate ladder. 

See how it's covered

You can cover your Ekodome with many commonly used building materials. In addition, our dome kits come with panel templates that allow you to cut and install the panels by yourself, which is a great flexibility that do-it-yourselfers seek. Furthermore, these geodesic dome frames can accommodate any solid panel between 4mm and 10mm thickness. Finally, for those who prefer a complete boxed solution, pre-cut panels in various materials are available on our website under Full Kits category.

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