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Greenhouse Domes

Whether you are just a hobbyist or running your multi-family homestead, there is a right Ekodome for you.

Because having a greenhouse will truly change the game!

Growing your own food will put you in control of every step of the growing process — from seed selection and soil and pest management all the way to harvesting and composting. You will have the full confidence of putting the purest and healthiest food on the table for you and your loved ones. No need to mention how much you can save on your groceries and how much you can reduce your food waste. 

Though backyard gardens are a great way to get into growing your own food, having a greenhouse will truly change the game. Greenhouses can help mitigate the impact of a changing climate on your garden by allowing you to get your seeds ready in a warm, enclosed space. Additionally, greenhouses usually mean more food! The warmth maintained in the enclosed space, as well as the steady temperature, are much kinder to seeds and plants throughout the growing season.

By taking the time to invest in a greenhouse now, you can save yourself time, money, and sanity in the long run. Your fruit and vegetable plants will be happier, you’ll have more gardening success, and your ability to feed your family will not be interrupted by pesky food shortages.


Geodesic domes use daylight at a higher efficiency than standard greenhouses. Its dome-like structure allows sunlight to pass at any angle at any time of the day. The efficient use of sunlight by geodesic domes and the added insulation provided by its structure enable it to retain more heat during the winter months, allowing you to extend your growing season.


Also, your maintenance costs for heating and ventilation will be lower than a standard DIY greenhouse kit. Geodesic greenhouses are superior to ordinary greenhouses when it comes to sunlight utilization, insulation, and durability.


Another benefit of a geodesic greenhouse is its large volume for a small surface area, thanks to its dome shape, which provides plenty of interior space for vertical gardening.

Winter Gardening,
Vertical Farming,

Whatever your purpose is, there is a right Ekodome for you to start growing your own produce. 


Nutrition is in your hands

If you’re tired of the elusive practices and vague explanations offered by produce suppliers across the country, consider home gardening. Not only does growing your own produce put you in control of how you fuel your body, but it helps cut down on emissions from transportation, overcomes tricky food shortages or supply issues, and helps you build a deeper relationship with nature around you. 

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What people say?

Thank you for a terrific dome product. It exceeds expectations in all areas: easy to build, of solid construction, and all parts fit perfectly. Best of all is a reliable company with integrity that responds quickly to all questions.  Thank you!
Joel Klass, M.D. / Florida
The dome is well worth the wait. High quality materials and intelligent design, this dome is relatively light weight and extremely strong. Easily the best geodome I've found.
Andrew Levine / CA

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