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Introducing Ekodome Pro Series

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PRO Series aluminum profiles:

We are proudly introducing our design, a new aluminum profile system with integrated polyamide thermal bridge break profiles, Ekodome PRO Series. Our objective is to maximize the SIP panels’ and double-glazing insulation capacity and eliminate condensation problems. The new system provides up to 100mm solid panel compatibility and consists of 6 aluminum, 2 polyamides, 8 EPDM, and TPE components.

With the new framework, we are introducing a double strut cap system. The first one will be screwed to the strut to hold the panels in place, while the second will be a push & lock cap as the most exterior component of the system, in order to cover the screws. 


  • Embedded Polyamide Thermal Bridge Break profiles
  • Modifiable Double Pane Glazing support profile
  • Double aluminum strut cap system
  • Push & lock cap system covering screws

Ekodome PRO Series suggested cover panels:

We decided to proceed with only the best options for the PRO series. 

SIP Panels:

As non-transparent cover panels, Ekodome will no longer provide thinner but only 96-98mm thick SIP panels that will guarantee a minimum of 24 R-Value, which exceeds the sidewall requirements of most prefabricated building codes. 

The exterior side of the panel will be 4mm compact laminate, 90mm fire retardant PIR as the core, and 2mm compact laminate as the interior side. Solid colors and textures of the exterior and interior sides can be selected from our catalog.

Double Pane Glazing:

We eliminate all other options but proceed with 28mm thick double pane glazing. With the guidance of the experts, we chose a 16mm cavity between the two glass layers, which has been proven to be the best option. Our initial offering will be 4mm tempered glass on the exterior + 16mm air gap + 8mm (4+4) tempered-laminated glass for increased safety in the interior. If the exterior tempered glass is broken, the interior two-layer laminated glass will prevent any piece from falling into the structure. We may offer thicker and multi-layer glazing options based on the same cavity and glazing specs in the future.

These improvements are probably the best among all DIY Geodesic Dome Building Kits in the market, but there is always room to further develop. We will keep manufacturing the Ekodome Original series for temporary dwelling units, glamping domes, greenhouses, event domes, and other purposes.

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