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Meet the “Ekoponics”​ system

  • 2 min read

This is no ordinary greenhouse: it's an Ekodome Cosmos dome for aquaponics greenhouse, aka "Ekoponics".

Aquaponics is one of the sustainable food production system alternatives with the combination of traditional aquaculture (fish, crayfish, shrimp production from aquatic creatures) and hydroponics (soilless agriculture/feeding plants with water and nutrient solutions). In aquaculture, over time, water pollution becomes harmful to fish. This water is filtered and sent to the products grown in the hydroponic system, allowing the plant to receive the vital nutrients it needs; simultaneously, the water of the living things growing in aquaculture is cleaned closed-circuit symbiotic life is formed.

Using up to 90% less water than traditional fish farms and eliminating the need for chemical fertilizers in hydroponics, aquaponics powered by renewable energy is the ultimate solution for the future of healthy food production.

We call our design the “Ekoponics”.

This aquaponics greenhouse is built with an EKODOME COSMOS geodesic dome frame system, while the renewable energy station is made with an EKODOME SEED dome frame.

Solar panels and vertical wind turbine-powered pumps provide energy to the system to recycle water and nutrients in a closed-loop system that provides productive and sustainable food production.

It is still developing, but continuous R&D in aquaponics will help sustain healthy food production in the climate change era.

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