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Our Favorite Use-Cases for Geodesic Domes

  • 6 min read

When Ekodome was first created, we wanted to give people an easier way to spend more time in nature, add more space to their homes, and create an oasis in their yard. We’ve loved seeing how people have responded and shared their ideas on how to use our geodesic domes, including some things we never would have thought of!

The great part about Ekodomes is that they’re flexible and customizable. These kits can be used for a wide variety of things and are incredibly easy to adapt to your personal needs. Whether it’s adding extra insulation, converting it into a short-term rental, or combining two domes for extra space, you can make your Ekodome exactly what you need it to be. If you fall into any of the following categories, you could probably benefit from an Ekodome:

Nature Lover

The translucent dome coverings allow you to feel as if you are outside and connected to nature all while staying warm and sheltered from the elements. If you’re tired of winter and early spring dampening your ability to get outside, an Ekodome can make the perfect haven. It can be insulated to provide warmth, or just filled with the comfiest pillows and blankets, allowing you to find a way to connect with nature, get your Vitamin D, and relax.

Practically no one in this day and age gets enough time outside, for whatever reason, but Ekodomes make the outdoors more accessible for everyone. Even if you have a small backyard, you can invest in one of our smaller domes to create a space for you and your loved ones that keeps you connected with the world around you. Some of our favorite nature-lover uses are: meditation room, book nook, yoga studio, plant oasis, outdoor gym, star-gazing center, sunroom, and rainforest dome during the rainy months.


Maybe your family is sustained by all the food you grow in your garden, or maybe you just like to have fresh herbs whenever you’re in the kitchen. An Ekodome can cater to every level of gardener, providing a great place to start seeds, propagate plants, store flowers in the winter, and more! If you have a geodesic dome set up right next to your outdoor garden, you’ll find seamlessness in how you’re able to work indoors and outdoors growing the produce, plants, or flowers you love.

On those rainy spring days, an Ekodome can provide shelter as you get your plants ready for the summer season, and on the hot summer days, an Ekodome can be insulated and cooled down to provide an oasis for your plants or flowers. With temperatures getting more extreme every year, a temperature-controlled space will become vital to gardeners all over the world. Our favorite ways to use an Ekodome if you have a green thumb are: creating a cute seating area to enjoy your beautiful outdoor space, a classic greenhouse, an area where your houseplants can get some extra sun, an herb garden, hydroponic garden space, and propagation area.

Escape Seeker

If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that we all need a place to escape to that’s out of the hustle and bustle of our day-to-day. If you work at home or simply want an escape that’s a bit less hectic than your living room, a small Ekodome in your backyard will be your new best friend. You can set it up however you like with candles, plants, a sitting area, and more to create a permanent escape that’s just a few feet away.

Some of the most creative escape-focused Ekodomes we have seen are used for: art studios, pottery wheels, woodworking shops, yoga rooms, meditation rooms, reading nooks, movie theaters, craft rooms, succulent haven, an atrium, and a Zen room.

Side Hustler

Did you know you can actually make money by installing an Ekodome in your yard? Renting out Ekodomes that are set up for glamping or in a more apartment-style is a great way to add another revenue stream to your life. With the popularity of remote work on the rise, people are always looking to go work from new places, and you can capitalize on that!

Airbnb and other short-term rental opportunities can bring in enough money to cover a mortgage in some cases! Since it’s just in your yard, it’s easy to clean and keep up in-between guests, and you can change its availability to fit your schedule. 

Innovative Problem-Solver

Families grow and household needs change over the years, so having an extra space that can be utilized for whatever you need is a lifesaver. If you just started working from home, maybe you need extra space for an office. Perhaps you just had another kid and need to move the guest bedroom out to the Ekodome to be able to utilize all the bedrooms in your house for the kids. Maybe your mother-in-law visits often and you need a few feet in between each other 🙂 Whatever it is, the Ekodome can be the perfect solution to all your needs!

The Ease of the Ekodome

If you’re picturing some building team coming into your home, spending months on setting up your Ekodome, and charging you exorbitant prices, think again. Depending on the size, all our Ekodomes can be assembled by a small group of people. The process will be faster and easier if it’s set up by someone with contracting knowledge, but that is by no means a requirement. Add the ease to the affordability factor and you’ll probably stop reading this article right now to go purchase one!

Getting creative sometimes requires a little nudge; so, consider this your nudge. That space you’ve been wanting to create for years but haven’t gotten around to? Now is the time! Geodesic domes can be used for many things; we challenge you to share with us a new use that we haven’t yet seen!

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