We believe in growing with partnerships and cooperations with businesses and institutions who are contributing to innovative and sustainable business practices. We’d like to provide everyone a unique yet easy, a complete yet affordable geodesic dome building experience! Here’s our solution partners to help us achieve this goal: 

Miura Board™

The New Alternative to Wood and Plastic Made From Upcycling Plastic Scrap and Post-Consumer Carpet

Miura BoardTM sheets are fiber-reinforced composite plastic panels that outperform plywood and provide an environmentally friendly alternative to wood, plastic, and even aluminum, particularly in highly corrosive environments. A 100% recycled material, Miura BoardTM offers extreme durability and wear resistance and performs well in a wide variety of outdoor and aggressive environmental conditions. Miura BoardTM requires no costly or special installation fixtures or maintenance after assembly, and it offers a longer service life in applications that must weather a variety of climate conditions, corrosive environments, as well as constant wear by people or animals.

Among Miura BoardTM’s most innovative properties are:

  • Comprised of eco-friendly 100% recycled material
  • More durable than wood
  • Non-corroding
  • Provides a waterproof, non-slip surface that does not swell, split, or splinter
  • Resists harmful effects of mold, rot, and termites
  • Paintable and weldable
  • Can be cut using water jet
  • Easily glued
  • Zero wood content
  • Zero PVC content
  • Zero silica content – no need for breathing protection when cutting

Coexist Hemp Blanket

Hemp Blanket is an ideal material to be used for the ceiling, wall, and floor insulation.