An easy way to build geodesic domes

Easy to install, durable, sustainable, and affordable.

Build your own space with Ekodome

We want our designs to provide a great DIY experience, with an everlasting result! You can create your space area with your frame kit, then cover the dome with any preferred material. You can order your pre-cut panels from any hardware store according to the templates that come with the kit. 

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A DIY dome frame kit for everyone

We want our designs to make it easier for everyone to cover their dome frames with preferred material and create great spaces. You can easily cut and install panels according to the templates that come with the kit. We also provide you with extension kits, accessories, and must-have frame elements on this journey. We are also working closely with third party providers for those who want to have all needed in hand to build better spaces. 



$ 759
  • Frequency: 1V
    Diameter: 9.18ft
    Height: 6.66ft


$ 2499
  • Frequency: 2V
    Diameter: 15.7ft
    Height: 9.5ft


$ 5999
  • Frequency: 3V
    Diameter: 22.14ft
    Height: 13.15ft


$ 9599
  • Frequency: 4V 1/2
    Diameter: 30ft
    Height: 15ft


$ 10999
  • Frequency: 4V 5/8
    Diameter: 28.8ft
    Height: 19.16ft