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Geodesic Dome Covers

  • Clear Twinwall Polycarbonate Dome Covers


    Clear Twinwall Polycarbonate is ideal for greenhouses and homes needing additional insulation. The same impact resistant polycarbonate, but in a fluted pattern that gives a single or double air layer for insulation. This also makes the material lighter which can help with reducing building weight overall.  Resembling reeded glass, this has a sophisticated look ideal for modern structures.

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  • Clear Polycarbonate Dome Covers


    Regular window glass looks but actually impact resistant plastic. Can be used for security glass – even a hammer won’t break it. Looks the same as window glass but provides physical security and is much lighter weight. Single layer of sturdy clear UV stable plastic glass.

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  • Expanded PVC Foam Panel


    A versatile and durable product, PVC Foam Sheet or expanded PVC is a durable, closed cell, free foam PVC sheet material that combines a rigid exterior and matte finish. This material is found in a variety of interior and exterior applications including displays, signage, exhibits, and walls.

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