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    Ekodome® SEED is a 1 Frequency geodesic dome with a diameter of 9.18 ft / 2.80 m and height of 6.66 ft / 2.03 m. It’s the smallest of Ekodome family and can be used for many purposes, including backyard storage, play area for kids, tree house, cabana, mini greenhouse, chicken coop, dog house etc.

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    Ekodome® LUNA is a 2 frequency dome with a diameter of 15.7 ft / 4.8 m and height of 9.5 ft / 2.9 m. It’s a perfect size for a cabin, greenhouse, pop-up shop, dining pod, gazebo, and all other backyard structures.

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    Ekodome® TERRA is an ideal dome kit for many building purposes. It’s a 3V dome, with a diameter of 22.14 ft / 6.75 m and a height of 13.15 ft / 4 m. It’s designed to be a glamping pod, or a tiny house, with enough ceiling height to accommodate a loft. It’s also the right fit for those seeking to extend growing season in their backyard. There’s enough room to grow tall plants including some citrus trees.

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    Ekodome® STELLAR provides huge space for any building purpose with its 30 ft / 9.14 m diameter and 15 ft / 4.57 m height. You can cover your pool, build a garage, make a rooftop lounge, use it as a wedding tent, grow your greens, host your events, and even dwell.

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    Ekodome® COSMOS is the biggest of Ekodome® family due to it’s massive height of 19.16 ft / 5.84 m, although it’s 1.2ft smaller than STELLAR in diameter (28.8 ft / 8.78 m). Which means you can double up the usage area by building a two story structure with Cosmos. With a little creativity and vision, you can turn Cosmos into anything! School, restaurant, movie theater, dome house, conference hall, event lounge… and the list goes on.

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