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Dome Frequency: 4V
Height: 19.85 ft / 6.05 m
Diameter: 30 ft / 9.18 m
Base Diameter: 28.87 ft / 8.80 m
Floor Area: 639 sqft / 59.36 sqm
Cover Panels: Insulated Sandwich Panels 96 mm + Double Pane Tempered Glass 28mm


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Add Accessories

One standard-size door is included in the kit. Add more to use as egress or use with tunnel connections.

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    Extra Doors for PRO Series + $690.00
    Operable Windows + $325.00
    Anchor Plates Cosmos + $700.00
    Grid Vents for PRO Series Domes + $95.00
    Passive Vents for PRO Series Domes + $125.00

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19.85 ft / 6.05 m

Base Diameter:

28.87 ft / 8.80 m

Floor Area:

639 sqft / 59.36 sqm

Cover Area:

1689 sqft / 157 sqm

Assembly time:

4 days with a team of 4-5 people. 18′ A-Frame ladder and a 18′ Man Lift or scaffolding are necessary to build, and the use of glass vacuum suction cups is strongly recommended to lift the glass panels.

Lead Time:

Lead time for PRO Series dome is currently around 20-22 weeks. This is a highly customized product, and all domes are made to order. If you have time restrictions, you need to let us know in advance so we can discuss your options.

Shipping Details:

This product ships in six oversized wooden crates. We use lift-gate trucks equipped with pallet jacks, but it is strongly advised to have your own equipment to help unload the truck and move the crates inside your property. All shipments are insured, so it's important for you to check that there are no damages on or inside the crate upon delivery.

Shipping Costs:

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Step into a world of architectural excellence with the Ekodome® 29’ Cosmos PRO – a geodesic dome redefined for year-round living. This innovative structure goes beyond being just a place to live; it offers a unique lifestyle encapsulated within a stunning 29-foot masterpiece. The Cosmos PRO, the tallest geodesic dome kit of the Ekodome family, invites you to embrace the extraordinary and experience dome-living in the most thrilling way possible.

With its soaring height of 19.5 feet (6.05 meters) and a diameter of 28.87 feet (8.80 meters), the Cosmos PRO is far more than a mere dwelling; it’s an invitation to dream big without any limitations. Its impressive size provides a total floor area of 639 square feet (59.36 square meters), offering you a blank canvas to shape into your ideal living space. What’s even more exciting is the option to double up the usage area by adding a two-story structure, allowing your Cosmos dome to transform into a perfect dome house.

As a member of the PRO Series, the Cosmos PRO features insulated hard shell sandwich panels with a remarkable R-24 insulation capacity. This not only ensures the durability of the dome but also guarantees exceptional energy efficiency. The insulation provides a comfortable dome experience throughout the seasons, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. In addition, the PRO series domes have a thermal bridge break barrier that stops heat from moving through the aluminum frame and makes sure the temperature stays just right.

Customization lies at the heart of the Cosmos experience. You have the freedom to choose from a wide spectrum of colors for both the interior and exterior, allowing you to infuse your personality into every corner of the dome. Tailor the layout to fit your plans and preferences, and enhance the aesthetic with a larger bay window and skylight. The transparent panels of the dome are made of double-pane glass, and you have the freedom to select the type of glass that suits your preferences.

The Ekodome® 29’ Cosmos PRO is not just a geodesic dome; it’s an architectural masterpiece that offers a unique and extraordinary lifestyle. With its impressive size, customizable features, and exceptional insulation, this dome redefines the concept of year-round living. Step into the world of the Cosmos PRO and experience the thrill of dome-living at its finest.


Design A:

Design B:

Design C:

Design D:



How to order your dome

The five steps to configure your own dome and purchase



Select from our range of sizes to find the perfect fit for your space – whether it's the cozy 9’ Seed, the versatile 16’ Luna, the spacious 22’ Terra, the expansive 29’ Stellar, or the grand 30' Cosmos.



Pick the ideal frame for your unique needs. Opt for the PRO Series, designed for dwelling, glamping, or industrial use. If you're into greenhouses, events, or dining, the Original Series is your perfect fit.



You can tailor the allocation of clear and opaque panels to personalize your space with options like larger bay windows or strategically placed skylights.



Elevate your dome's performance and aesthetics by choosing from a variety of premium panel upgrades, including different glass types and advanced polycarbonate options.



Fine-tune your dome experience by exploring our range of add-ons. Enhance functionality and style with options like additional doors, operable windows, passive ventilation systems, tunnel modules, anchor plates, and more.

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Customer Reviews

“The dome is a magical place of connection, warmth, inspiration & creation. We love our Ekodome!!!”
Paula Johansen
Boone, NC
“Thank you for a terrific dome product. It exceeds expectations in all areas: easy to build, of solid construction, and all parts fit perfectly. Best of all is a reliable company with integrity that responds quickly to all questions.”
Joel Klass, M.D.
Ft Lauderdale, FL
“The dome is well worth the wait. High quality materials and intelligent design, this dome is relatively light weight and extremely strong. Easily the best geodome I've found. ”
Andrew Levine
Eureka, CA