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Dome Frequency: 3V
Height: 13.55 ft / 4.13 m
Base Diameter: 22 ft / 6.71 m
Floor Area: 364 sqft / 34 sqm
Cover Panels: 28mm Double Pane Tempered Glass
Base Pricing includes:  Dome Frame + Cover Panels + 1 Standard Size Door


Change Cover Panels

Standart kit comes with 28mm Double Pane Tempered Glass Panels. You can upgrade glass to Solar Low-E coated or Reflective Coated glass for maximum energy efficiency.

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    Door Frame PRO Series + $690.00
    Window Frame + $325.00
    Anchor Plates Terra + $435.00

Introducing the Ekodome® 22’ Terra, a magnificent geodesic glass dome that redefines spacious living with its impressive dimensions. A glass dome, as an architectural wonder, is characterized by its spherical or hemispherical shape, predominantly crafted from transparent materials. Terra, with its expansive 22-foot diameter, emerges as a beacon of modern design, pushing the boundaries of what a dome can be.

This extraordinary dome is not merely a structure; it’s an immersive sanctuary. Covered with double-pane tempered glass, Terra 22ft stands as a testament to the marriage of elegance and functionality. The use of double-pane tempered glass ensures durability and thermal efficiency, creating a comfortable haven that invites the outside in, allowing occupants to enjoy the beauty of their surroundings while being sheltered within Terra’s grandiose embrace.

Boasting a towering height of 13.55 feet, Terra transcends traditional dome expectations, making it perfect for a variety of purposes. Picture it as the ultimate glamping getaway, where the vast interior space offers a luxurious escape into nature without compromising on comfort. Alternatively, envision Terra as a tiny living paradise, where the 22-foot diameter provides ample room for a range of activities, from dining and relaxation to creative pursuits.

The expansive dimensions of Terra also open up exciting possibilities for interior design. The towering height allows for the incorporation of a loft space, maximizing the dome’s potential for ultimate spaciousness. Imagine a lofted bedroom retreat, suspended amidst the transparent walls, offering a unique and breathtaking perspective on your surroundings.

In essence, the Ekodome® 22’ Terra is not just a glass dome; it’s an architectural masterpiece that combines form, function, and versatility on a grand scale. Covered with double-pane tempered glass, it beckons you to reimagine your living spaces, turning your surroundings into a haven where the line between indoor and outdoor living gracefully blurs, and the possibilities are as vast as Terra’s own expansive dimensions.

Additional information


3V Domes


13.55 ft / 4.13 m

Base Diameter:

22 ft / 6.71 m

Floor Area:

364 sq.ft / 34 sq.m

Dome Use

Backyard Domes, Event Domes, Greenhouse Domes

Assembly time:

3 days with a team of 3–4 people. 10′ A-Frame Ladder and a 12′ Man Lift or scaffolding are needed to reach higher parts, and the use of glass vacuum suction cups is strongly recommended to lift the glass panels.

Lead time:

Lead time for PRO Series dome is currently around 20-22 weeks. This is a highly customized product, and all domes are made to order. If you have time restrictions, you need to let us know in advance so we can discuss your options.

Shipping Details:

This product ships in five oversized wooden crates. We use lift-gate trucks equipped with pallet jacks, but it is strongly advised to have your own equipment to help unload the truck and move the crates inside your property. All shipments are insured, so it's important for you to check that there are no damages on or inside the crate upon delivery.

Shipping Costs:

For the US & Canada, please enter your address on the cart page to see shipping prices.
All other countries: Click "Request a Quote" on the checkout page after entering all contact and shipping address details. Your quote will be sent in a few days, and you'll be able to checkout with your personalized rate.

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We accept all major credit cards, as well as wire transfer and checks. You can also pay with Klarna or Affirm, the after pay  platforms that will help you spread the cost of your purchase over time.

For glamping resorts and startups, we provide financing through Koala Capital Group. Details are available here.

The current lead time is 20 weeks from the date that an order is received. 

For the US and Canada, we use Standard Ground Shipping rates provided by major carriers and truckers. Shipping costs can be seen once you add an item to cart and enter your zip code.

We ship worldwide, however we don’t have all the shipping costs readily available for each country in the world. When you enter your address at checkout, if the shipping cost does not populate on the page, then select “Request a quote” option to send us a request directly from your cart. Once we receive your request, we’ll contact our freight forwarder to get a quote and we’ll upload the quote to your cart. Once it is uploaded, you’ll receive a notification by email for your approval, so please enter a valid email address on checkout.

All orders outside the USA and its territories may be subject to customs duties and other taxes. We deliver as CIF (Cost-Insurance-Freight), and after your shipment arrives to your country, customs clearance will be at your responsibility. We will provide the necessary paperwork to help you run the process smoothly.


If any aspect of your order is damaged or missing upon delivery, please contact us immediately with photos and proof of delivery. If there’s a damage to packaging please ask the carrier on-site to acknowledge this issue on the proof of delivery. This is a vital step to help us file a claim with the insurance company. If there’s a missing component, you must notify us within 30 days after you receive your product.

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can also contact us within 30 days from the date you received your order and we will happily refund the purchase price of your item(s) less a 25% restocking fee. If the reason of your return is solely upgrading size, this fee will be waived. Shipping charges are not refundable. Any returned item will be charged the original shipping and handling costs incurred by us. Any discounts given will be subtracted from returned merchandise refunds. Customers are responsible for the shipping costs involved with the return of an item. Returned products must be in original condition (this means clean and dry with original packaging material, manuals, plus all other accessories provided by the manufacturer). Returned items not in original condition will be assessed and charged an additional reconditioning fee, or refused. Any order involving custom work is not returnable.

Yes. If you have special projects and/or you are interested in bulk purchasing, please email us with details and we’ll come up with solutions.

Customer Reviews

“The dome is a magical place of connection, warmth, inspiration & creation. We love our Ekodome!!!”
Paula Johansen
Boone, NC
“Thank you for a terrific dome product. It exceeds expectations in all areas: easy to build, of solid construction, and all parts fit perfectly. Best of all is a reliable company with integrity that responds quickly to all questions.”
Joel Klass, M.D.
Ft Lauderdale, FL
“The dome is well worth the wait. High quality materials and intelligent design, this dome is relatively light weight and extremely strong. Easily the best geodome I've found. ”
Andrew Levine
Eureka, CA


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