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Frequency: 3V
Height: 13.55 ft / 4.13 m
Diameter: 22 ft / 6.71 m
Floor Area: 364 sqft / 34 sqm
Cover Area: 872 sqft / 81 sqm

$7,999.00 + Covers & Add-ons

Select Cover Panels

Select the combination of the panels you want to use on your dome. HPL Compact Laminate is available for opaque panels, and polycarbonate/glass options are available for transparent panels. Finally select your design and add accessories as needed.
Read more about cover panel materials here

  • Select your combination of cover panels *

  • Select your design *

    Allocation of Transparent and Opaque panels does not change the pricing.

  • *

    Design A - Bay window
    Design A - Side view
    Design A - Top view
  • *

    Design B - Bay window
    Design B - Side view
    Design B - Top view
  • *

    Design C - Side view
    Design C - Picture windows
    Design C - Top view

Add Accessories

  • Select as many as you want *

    Window Frame + $325.00
    Tunnel Module + $159.00
    Passive Vents + $59.00
    Anchor Plates Terra + $435.00

Dome Frame Price

Covers & Addons

Total dome price


3V Domes


13.55 ft / 4.13 m


22 ft / 6.71 m

Floor Area:

364 sq.ft / 34 sq.m

Cover Area:

872 sqft / 81 sqm

Approx. dome weight:

937 lbs / 425 kg

Assembly time:

4 hours with a team of 3 or 4
Required: 8′ A- Frame Ladder
Suggested: 12′ Man Lift


This product ships in an oversized wooden crate.
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