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Success Story: A Geodesic Glamping Oasis In Homestead, FL

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From operating a production facility that crafted dome gazebos for restaurant patios and rooftop events to launching his own glamping business, Volodymyr is a dome enthusiast at heart!

Embarking on launching Lulu Glamping in Homestead, Florida, marks not just the inception of a business but a testament to a passion for pioneering geodesic dome glamping ventures, where luxury meets adventure in perfect harmony.

Here’s a brief interview with Volodymyr Hahonin, CEO, about his 22’ Terra and 16’ Luna Ekodome.

How did you discover Ekodome? What were the key aspects that made us stand out amongst the other dome manufacturers?

I discovered Ekodome in 2022 during a visit to the glamping show in Denver, Colorado. It was there I met the founder of Ekodome. Among all dome structures presented, Ekodome stood out for its unparalleled quality and innovative approach.

The flexibility in customization, allowing for a variety of materials, colors, and designs, truly captivated me. Ekodome distinguished itself as a high-tech, superior product without any real competitors in the market.

Tell us about what you created with your Ekodome. What type of foundation did you build? Did you make any customizations/changes to the kit? Did you need a building permit, and how did that go?

I embarked on creating a unique Glamping Unit in Homestead, Florida, by ordering two domes – Terra and Luna – with the vision of connecting them. Opting only for the frames, I sourced ACM panels locally for cladding, tailored perfectly through precision milling. The first unit was directly set on the ground, foregoing a foundation, a decision that, while not ideal, sufficed for a test unit.

This endeavor resulted in a cohesive Glamping Unit, where the expansive Terra serves as a living space and the cozy Luna as a bedroom. Although I have not navigated the permit process yet, I understand the flexibility in classifying these structures, influenced significantly by the chosen foundation.

Were you involved in the glamping industry before getting your Ekodome?

Prior to venturing into glamping with Ekodome, I had extensive experience with dome structures, albeit in a different context. My background includes operating a production facility that crafted dome gazebos for restaurant patios and rooftop events.

These domes were utilized for a range of gatherings, from romantic dinners to festive celebrations, underscoring my familiarity with dome applications in the hospitality and entertainment sectors. This glamping project marks my inaugural foray into the glamping industry.

How easy was it to assemble your dome? Did you have any setbacks during the installation? How was the overall building experience?

The assembly process for the Ekodome structure was remarkably straightforward. The clarity and comprehensiveness of the instructions facilitated a one-day assembly for the frame, with an additional 3-4 days for cladding, contingent upon workforce size and workday duration.

While my background in construction undoubtedly played a role, I believe the design’s intuitiveness makes it accessible even to those with limited experience. The only hiccup encountered was a missing shipment of sealing rubbers, a minor issue swiftly resolved with a local hardware store alternative.

What advice would you give to people who are thinking about starting their own glamping retreat?

First and foremost, I strongly advise researching the requirements of building departments and various other regulatory bodies, understanding zoning requirements, land use regulations, and construction guidelines. This is the most critical part. Before taking any action, it’s essential to determine which lands can be used for glamping in your area and how to legally document and obtain the necessary permits for your structures.

What do your guests love the most about your Ekodome(s)?

In my experience, guests appreciate the blend of nature and luxury comfort that we offer. We strive to provide the best of both worlds, bringing people closer to nature while ensuring they do not sacrifice comfort. We like to say that we build “temples of nature.”

How would you rate the quality of products and services provided by Ekodome? Would you recommend them to others?

I would definitely recommend Ekodome due to their professionalism. Beyond offering products of the highest quality, unmatched in the market, their team is highly professional. I encountered an issue with my order due to some production and shipping complications, leading to a delayed delivery. I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly the company’s management resolved the issue, leaving everyone satisfied.

Get in Touch

For those eager to learn more about Volodymyr’s Ekodome experience or explore potential partnerships, you can contact him directly at

Volodymyr’s journey from crafting dome gazebos to pioneering a geodesic glamping retreat stands as a beacon of success, showcasing the endless possibilities that Ekodome structures offer in the realm of luxury camping.

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