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Success Story: An Albuquerque Greenhouse Wonderment

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Imagine stepping into a world where seasons blur and lush greenery thrives year-round, and where the air is filled with the sweet scent of a garden regardless of the weather outside.

This enchanting reality is exactly what Nathan Sainz has created with the 16’ Luna Ekodome in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Here’s a brief interview with them about his 16’ Luna Ekodome greenhouse project.

1. How did you discover Ekodome? What were the key aspects that made us stand out among the other dome manufacturers?

I discovered Ekodome on YouTube while researching Buckminster Fuller. The first video I saw was of the founder, Sinan Halic, assembling a 22 ft Ekodome by hand. I was amazed at the ease of construction!

I then researched geodesic dome greenhouses, and Ekodome’s design was by far the most cost-effective. The ease of installation and the company’s inclusion of all hardware made it the best value option.

Other manufacturers require hardware and materials like lumber and screws to be purchased separately, and you need a contractor to help build.

With Ekodome, I built 95% by myself with basic hand tools and only needed a ladder for the last 5%. It took me about 3 weeks, working a few hours a day, mostly on weekends.

2. Tell us about what you created with your Ekodome. What type of foundation did you build? Did you make any customizations/changes to the kit? Did you need a building permit, and how did that go?

I’ve created a greenhouse to grow the majority of my produce and as a testing ground for a medical cannabis business. The foundation is a monolithic slab on grade utilizing 3000 psi concrete and several rebars with welded wire mesh. 

The slab itself is doomed to aid drainage for the sprinkler system I intend to install. I did not make any customizations. However, I did add two windows to the project to aid in natural convection and air circulation, as championed by Buckminster Fuller. 

I did not need a building permit since the greenhouse is considered a temporary structure and is under 200 square feet. The code does not apply to these types of buildings.

3. Have you built a dome before, or was that your first experience with a dome kit?

I’ve never built a dome before, but I’ve always been curious about how hard it would be. The Ekodome kit proved that complex structures do not need to be complex builds. I hope to build another.

4. How easy was it to assemble your Ekodome? Did you have any setbacks during the installation? How was the overall building experience?

The structure itself was fairly easy to assemble. It got a little tricky when I had to add the door and the windows, but overall, it was like a huge erector set. I built 95% of the structure myself and added 99% of the panels. I was trying to see if I could do the entire thing myself, but it proved a little daunting when it came time to install the uppermost panels and slat coverings. 

The pinnacle hub was the most challenging and hung perilously on a ladder being held by a friend. The only setback was the fact that I did not receive the hub gaskets in my order. But I was able to substitute something from a local home improvement store that did the job just fine. Ekodome sent me the proper hub gaskets right away!

5. Can you describe a typical day you spend in your Ekodome?

I haven’t spent time on it yet because I just completed it! I hope to spend many days tending to my plants the food and experimenting with the miracles of medical cannabis.

6. How would you rate the quality of products and services provided by Ekodome? Would you recommend them to others?

Despite the minor setback, I would still give Ekodome a 10 out of 10 rating for quality of product and service, and I would highly recommend the 16’ Luna model to anyone looking for a greenhouse or other space that they may need.

7. Is there anything else you would like to share?

Ekodome proves that a beautiful structure can be sound enough to live in. Ekodome’s price and ease of construction could be the solution for homelessness in America and beyond. This feels like a step forward in providing affordable housing amidst the ongoing housing crisis.

Thanks, Ekodome. You have a wonderful product and team that caters to the ups and downs of the building process, responding promptly to my inquiries.

8. Are you available for people to learn more about your experience with Ekodome? If so, how can they get in touch with you?

I would be happy to answer any questions about building a 16’ Luna Ekodome. They can connect through Instagram @off_grid_planet or they can contact me via email. (Ekodome will provide the contact details upon request)

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