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Success Story: ReTreet Resort’s 29’ Cosmos Ekodome In Alabama

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Nestled amidst the serene beauty of Alabama’s natural landscape, ReTreet Resort has been a haven for those seeking a unique blend of luxury and nature, since 2022. 

The latest addition to this enchanting retreat is the Star Dome, an Ekodome structure that has elevated the glamping experience to new heights. 

Let’s dive into the story behind this architectural marvel.

The Vision:

The idea of the Star Dome was born from a desire to offer guests a distinctive and communal space, harmonizing with the ethos of ReTreet – blending luxury with the raw beauty of nature. The Ekodome, with its geodesic design, presented the perfect opportunity to create something truly unique.

The Search Begins:

The owner, Troy Hopkins, found Ekodome about 3 weeks into research for a dome large enough for an event space. Most of what was popping up on Google was for the’soft’ version until he finally found Ekodome, which stood out due to the design and sturdy materials. 

Building the Dream:

The foundation of the Star Dome is a sturdy wood deck, chosen for its natural aesthetic and durability. In keeping with the integrity of the Ekodome design, no customizations were made to the kit. However, the assembly was entrusted to the skilled hands of the Ekodome team, a decision that proved invaluable. The expertise of Sam and his team ensured a smooth and efficient construction process, despite a minor hiccup with the bolts, which was swiftly resolved.

The Permit Process:

Fortunately, the construction of the Star Dome did not require a building permit, smoothing the path for this ambitious project.

The Assembly Experience:

The assembly of the Star Dome was a testament to the professionalism of the Ekodome team. The process was seamless, with the team handling the unexpected challenge of incorrect bolt sizes with remarkable efficiency. The quality of service and the dedication to keeping the project on track were exceptional.

The Glamping Expertise:

ReTreet was already a seasoned player in the glamping industry, and the addition of the Star Dome was a natural progression in its journey. The resort’s experience in creating luxurious outdoor accommodations set the stage for this new venture.

Guests’ Favorite Feature:

Guests have been captivated by the Star Dome’s unique design and the immersive experience it offers. The dome’s ability to blend indoor comfort with an outdoor setting has been a highlight for many.

Rating the Experience:

The quality of products and services provided by Ekodome is rated as excellent. The responsiveness and support from the Ekodome team, especially the owner, have been particularly noteworthy.


ReTreet highly recommends Ekodome for its professionalism, quality, and customer service. The experience has been nothing short of exceptional.

Advice for Aspiring Glamping Entrepreneurs:

For those looking to start their own glamping retreat, the advice is clear: do thorough research, understand what guests are looking for, ensure adequate funding to do it right, and make sure each unit has its own bathroom.

A Note on Acoustics and Maintenance:

One area for improvement suggested is more advice and solutions from Ekodome regarding dealing with the echo inside the dome and strategies for keeping it clean.

For anyone interested in learning more about ReTreet's experience with Ekodome, the owner is available for a chat anytime, day or night, and is more than happy to assist and share insights.

The Star Dome at ReTreet Resort stands as a testament to innovation, quality, and the pursuit of creating exceptional experiences in harmony with nature. It's not just a structure; it's a symbol of the resort's commitment to offering something truly special to its guests.

Photos credits: Retreet Resort | @retreetresort


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